No one ever tells you that love is not a feeling, it’s a choice. It’s opening your heart to someone like your heart hasn’t been broken before. Love is a commitment. It’s investing in someone, it’s showing up for them, it’s being loyal. Love is a compromise. It’s being caring over selfish, giving over stingy. Love is the decisions you make every day, the actions you take in tempting, difficult situations. It’s being kind over right.

No one ever tells you that love is hard af. It’s feeling like your heart is in two places at the same time. It’s getting anxious when you don’t get a text back. It’s being scared of losing someone and everything you’ve built around them. Love is taking the road less travelled. It’s standing up for yourself and calling them out when they do you wrong. It’s working it out instead of calling it quits. It’s about nourishing something beautiful instead of sabotaging it. No one ever tells you that love is about taking risks and being brave. That it’s about being strong; emotionally and mentally. That it’s about being forgiving while holding your standards high, being hopeful while you’re honest with yourself.

No one ever tells you that love is not a given. That you could be the best thing that has ever happened to someone and still be not good enough. Loving someone doesn’t mean that they will love you back, that they’ll appreciate all that you do for them. Sometimes, it means that you get taken for granted, that you get taken advantage of. Love sometimes means that your forever person is someone else’s. That while you miss someone, they are busy with someone else. That when you are faithful to them, they are kissing another.

No one ever tells you that love doesn’t always last. Love can turn your life upside down and change you in ways you never imagined. Love can make you into a dreamer, a believer. Love can make you excited about the future only to realize it’s gone, only to leave you broken, empty, and lost. Sometimes love only comes into your life to teach you about yourself, to help you connect to what really matters. Sometimes love shows you the things you don’t want and the places you want to see.

No one ever tells you that someone can love you and they would still be not right for you. Love isn’t just about feelings. It’s about compatibility. It’s about personality. It’s about mutual respect and trust. It’s about communication. It’s about connecting. No one ever tells you that you will mistake love for abuse, that will become an almost. No one ever tells you what a healthy relationship actually looks like. No one ever tells you that love isn’t about how strongly you feel about someone, it’s what you do about it. No one ever tells you that to have someone love you, you need to love and accept yourself. And no one ever tells you that sometimes love is about letting go of what you have so you can get what you deserve.

Farah Ayaad
Farah wants to make the world a beautiful place by inspiring people through her writing. She writes about love, heartbreak, women's empowerment, sex, astrology, self-identity and self-growth. She hopes in her writing, you will find what you’re searching for.