Navigating a Relationship with an Older Woman

Written by Hayley Anderton

When you are in a relationship with an older woman, it is important that you follow some ground rules to make it run smoothly. While it goes without saying that every woman deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, there are some specific ground rules and things to consider for when you’re with an older woman. Here are just a few:

An older woman is emotionally experienced

If a woman is older than you, it’s likely that she’s dated more people than you. She might even have been married a few times. Therefore, she is more emotionally experience. When you’re in a relationship with an older woman, you have to realise that you may have different approaches. If she has been hurt in the past, she might have her guard up, or she might be inclined to hurt someone the way she was. Get to know her emotional past so that you understand how best to handle her in your relationship.

An older woman may have a different level of health to you

It’s common knowledge that health generally deteriorates as you get older. This might be true of your new partner, and you need to be prepared to support her if that’s the case. You also have to realise that while she may try to keep up to your speed, she might grow tired easily or struggle with certain tasks.

Get to grips with an older woman’s family dynamics

It’s possible that there are unexpected additions to your life when you start a relationship with an older woman. She may have an ex-husband, or even children. This shouldn’t put you off or change anything, other than your attitude. Be welcoming and open to her situation. She will respect you for being mature about the more complex parts of her life, and most likely be more attracted to you. Just because something is hard, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, and for that reason, it’s vital to keep an open mind.

Just because they’re older, it doesn’t mean they fit a stereotype

An older woman can be anything she wants to be. She might be at the peak of physical fitness. She might be looking for a casual fling. She might be opposed to kids and family and just want some fun. Don’t assume anything when you’re dating an older woman. They’re not all in the same league as one another, and it’s important to get to know her, not her stereotype.

Things in the bedroom may be a little different

A woman’s sexual peak comes later than a man’s, which might mean she’s looking forward to mixing it up a little in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, and try out what she likes. She will likely tell you what she wants, and you shouldn’t be afraid to explore with this feisty woman.

Understand that when you’re in a relationship with an older woman, you will have different lifestyles

You might be at different stages in your career, family life and housing situation, which is fine. You just have to embrace the fact that things aren’t going to be typical with this woman, and take it in your stride.

You may have different priorities and interests

While it’s true that not every woman is the same, many women of a certain age are looking to start a family. They may also be edging towards retirement, or slowing down and settling down in different ways. It doesn’t have to be an issue, but you should be aware of how your lifestyles differ to make sure you’re a good match. After all, if you have no goals in common, it’s not likely to last. While you have longer to make your choice, and older woman is ready to be decisive, so be prepared for that.

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