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He Doesn’t Love You Because Of These 6 Things

he doesn’t love you
Written by Deborah Carbone

He doesn’t love you because he doesn’t love himself. He’s not going to love you if he cannot love himself first. Self-love is what connects us to everything else in this life. And when it’s not there, something will always be missing. Maybe he doesn’t love himself because he doesn’t think much of himself. Maybe he doesn’t love himself because he’s done terrible things in life and thinks he’s not worthy of love, care, or affection.

He doesn’t love you because he’s too busy loving himself. He has no room to love someone other than himself. And he doesn’t want to give you his attention or affection because he thinks that he’s the one who deserves his undevoted love, not any other person. He’s the kind of person who confuses self-love with selfishness. He always puts himself first and disregards how his actions affect everyone around him.

He doesn’t love you because his heart loves someone else. Maybe he’s still caught up on his ex. Maybe he secretly has feelings for his female best friend. Maybe he’s using you as a distraction from what his heart is really feeling. Maybe you’re just a rebound from his past. Or, maybe he’s in love with someone from the future. Maybe he’s keeping you as an option until someone better comes along, until he meets his forever person.

He doesn’t love you because he doesn’t know what love means. He doesn’t know what love is because he didn’t see it growing up. He doesn’t know how it feels like to care for someone without an agenda or expecting something in return. He doesn’t know how to open up to you and doesn’t know how to tell you he misses you or that he can’t see a future without you. He thinks that to love someone is to hide your feelings away from them because they can use it against you, and one day they will leave you. He thinks that loving someone is keeping them at a distance because no one will accept him for who he is or love his flaws and imperfections.

He doesn’t love you because you’re simply not the one for him. He doesn’t love you because of who you are and who you are not at the same time. Love doesn’t not come by force, it comes with choice. He doesn’t feel that way about you. Maybe you’re not the one he’s looking for, the one he’s always imagined he will end up with.

He doesn’t love you because he doesn’t love you the way you need to be loved. Maybe he spends some time with you, but he doesn’t make you feel loved. Maybe he listens to you when you tell him about your day or when you’re vulnerable about yourself, but he doesn’t seem to quite get you. Maybe he tells you there’s nothing he’ll change about you, but somewhere deep down, you feel like he judges you. He doesn’t speak your love language because he doesn’t know about it or doesn’t put in the effort to learn it. He doesn’t love you because he thinks you want ordinary love. While in fact, all that you want is once in a life love, a fairytale story.

He Doesn’t Love You Because Of These 6 Things