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You Need To Put In the Effort If You Want To Be With Her

you need to put in the effort
Written by Naida

Trying to be better really means something to most people.

No matter what was your relationship is like in the beginning, it may come to the point when you feel like something is not all right. Your girlfriend became sad, even though there was no one happier than her in the beginning. Maybe it’s because of you. Maybe you started to behave like she never wanted you to. However, she doesn’t feel like you are making an effort to make her feel worthy and loved. It does not matter what are you going through in life, when you are committed to someone, you have some obligations and it shouldn’t be a problem doing them. You need to keep the freshness and make your relationship healthy and flourish. Partners should be there for each other and only that could make their relationship last.

When I say you should try harder, it means that your girlfriend needs you. You mean too much to her, so don’t be a jerk and avoid her. She misses you and it hurts. At the beginning you were there, and now you are absent so she is confused. She asks herself whether it is up to her, and if it is, she truly wants to fix your connection more. You shouldn’t ignore her because she may change her mind and perhaps abandon you.

She is not childish or unreasonable. When you have some obligations, she understands that and she is not in your way. However, you should not let your job affect your relationship. You need to find the way to make it all work. When you are with her, don’t think about your job, because when you work, she never interrupts you. There are two people in a relationship and she wants you to know that. If you want it to last, there has to be a little bit more effort from you. So, don’t act like everything is fine even if you don’t call her for days. Relationships should progress with each day if both partners consider it as worthy.

Making an effort also means that you should do some little things for her, because those mean the most. It is so easy to do something sweet, and it won’t take you much time but it will make her feel important and loved. Try to take a minute from your precious time and send her a message. You won’t believe how happy she is going to be. Many women are simple and don’t want expensive presents but a short message which leaves them smiling for the rest of the day.

No matter how you schedule your time with her, don’t be lazy or bad when you are together. Make an effort when you have breakfast by washing the dishes or take out the garbage for her. You would be surprised how girls appreciate that. It also doesn’t take you much time, but it shows her that you are trying to be nice and that you are paying attention to those daily things. She will know that you are a mature person who can take care of himself.

All those types of little gestures will let her know that you are making an effort. Even if you find them boring or wrong, your girlfriend would be very happy and satisfied.

Putting an effort really means a lot to women. Yet, if you don’t want to do those, try to find out the way to make your woman happy. Don’t ignore her wishes or demands because you could regret it. Also, don’t force yourself to do things that you don’t feel like you should do. Simple gestures are easy to make, and it is very healthy way to maintain your relationship normal.

Your girlfriend really deserves the best possible guy by her side, so make an effort and do something for her. Don’t expect that she will love you unconditionally just because you made a bed once. You need to put in the effort if you want to be with her. If you see her happy, you should keep it like that because her happiness is what you want at the end.

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