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This Is Why The Right Relationship Is Absolutely Worth The Wait

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Written by Karen Clark

You’ve suffered a lot when it comes to love and you’ve had more than one heartbreak. But, after much effort and tears, you’ve managed to come out of all of that much stronger. Sadly, at the same time, you lost your faith in love and you’ve given up on any hope that your soulmate is out there. You’ve asked yourself more than once why all of those heartbreaks had to happen and whether you did something to deserve all the pain you’ve been through. You asked yourself what was the point of everything that has happened to you. You’ve always tried not to hurt anyone and you’ve given yourself completely to men in your life. But none of them even tried to match your effort.

Therefore, you’ve given up on the idea and the concept of true love. You simply accepted the fact that some people are not meant to experience true love in their lives and that you must be one of those people. You’ve lost your faith that somewhere out there exists a person meant to be for you, that you have a soulmate. You’ve simply stopped waiting. And you are okay with this fact—you give your best to find your happiness in other places. You’ve channeled your energy into improving yourself as a person, and you dedicate your time to other things besides love. Although pushing making yourself a better and more successful person was one of the best choices you could make, I’m here to tell you that the right love will come and that is worth the wait.

The first thing you should know is that all of those failed relationships were actually not failures—they were lessons. Each one of those wrong guys you’ve allowed to be a part of your life has taught you a lot, even though you are probably not aware of that in the moment. They’ve made you stronger and more self-aware. After them, you know what you want from life and you won’t be afraid to go after it. Besides, they’ve made you see everything you are capable to endure. They’ve helped you see the things and qualities you are definitely not looking for in a relationship and in a man. They’ve taught you not to trust just everyone that comes into your life, and they’ve taught you not to give yourself completely to someone who didn’t deserve it. If it weren’t for them, you would never know how to value people and how to know when someone is worthy of your time and attention. Besides, they’ve helped you love and appreciate yourself and helped you demand respect from others, and there is nothing more crucial than that. They’ve helped you see your true worth. And most importantly, they will help you recognize and appreciate true love when it finally comes. When you meet the right guy, you’ll see why all of the wrong ones were in your life and you’ll see that he was worth the wait.

You may ask yourself how you will know when this guy comes and how you will know if a relationship is the right one. But, trust me—you’ll know. This guy will treat you the only way you deserve to be treated and loved and will make you feel grateful you’ve waited for him.

When the right guy eventually comes, he won’t try to change you. He’ll accept you for who you really are and that is the beauty of true love. This guy will see all of your imperfections and will not love you despite them—he will love you because of them, because he will know those imperfections are what make the true you. All of the guys before him tried to mold you, so you could fit their standards. They used you, so they could feel better. They kept you around because you were good for their ego or because they were flattered by the love and the attention you gave them. Some of them only perceived you through your physical beauty and through your body and only wanted sex. None of them ever bothered to be concerned with the real you. They weren’t interested in your hopes and dreams, in your attitudes towards the world in general, and were especially not interested in what you wanted from those relationships. All they wanted was to shape you into being a woman that suited them best. So they tried to control you and emotionally manipulate you in order to make you the person they wanted you to be. None of them was ever concerned with your self-improvement. But, when you finally meet the right guy, he won’t be selfish and he will not try and make your relationship about him only. He will push you forward, because he will want you to be the best possible version of yourself—not to fit his standards.

This guy will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world. I know this probably sounds like a cliché to you, but he will really see the uniqueness of your soul and your personality. He won’t only love you—he will also appreciate you in every possible way. This guy will be proud to have you and won’t hesitate to tell that to the world. He will use every possible opportunity to show you how much he cares for you and you will never question his emotions. He won’t play mind games with you—he will want you to know how important you are to him. He will do his best to be the constant reminder of your worth, because he will appreciate everything you do for him and for your relationship. He won’t see you only as a woman—he will respect you as an individual person as well. Once you enter the right relationship, you’ll never again have self-confidence issues. You won’t have to ask yourself whether you are beautiful enough, smart enough, or good enough. Because the guy next to you will constantly show you that you are more than enough and that you are everything he has dreamt of.

This guy will bring you back faith in men and faith in humanity in general. Once you see that not all men are the same, you’ll become a more positive and optimistic person. You’ll learn to enjoy the little things in life, and finally, you’ll start living your life to the fullest.

But, most importantly, the right relationship will bring you back the faith in yourself. Once you start seeing yourself through the eyes of the man who truly loves you, you’ll see your true worth and value and will never have to question yourself again.

Although you can be a complete person without a man in your life, once you meet the right guy, you’ll experience true happiness. For the first time in your life, you will feel what it’s like to be unconditionally loved and supported, and there is no better feeling than that.

You may think all of this is impossible and that it’s better for you not to get your hopes up, because you’ll only end up disappointed once again. But never lose faith in true love. You won’t have to look for it—it will come when you least expect it and when it’s destined to come.

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