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This Is Why You Need To Walk Away Even If It Hurts

you need to walk away

There are things that just aren’t meant to be and you better accept that. You can’t change your destiny. Everything happens for a reason, if something is right for you, it will happen no matter what. Same applies to boys—if he’s not meant to be in your life, there is nothing you can do to change that. It is better to move on before it gets worst.

Love isn’t supposed to be hard. It should be easy and stress free. Even if it hurts, it is better to let go on time. The more you postpone the breakup, the harder it gets. Face the truth, even if it’s scary because you owe this to yourself. There is no future for the both of you. And there won’t be a happy ending.

You two crossed paths to teach each other a lesson, and once you’ve learned your lesson, it is time to move on. You’ve shared a lot of good moments together and you are used to each other. But when there is no love anymore, why should you carry on? Well, you shouldn’t. He might have had a significant role in your past but it doesn’t mean that this will last forever. Some love stories just don’t last.

There is no easy breakup and you can’t escape the hurting part. However, you are blocking yourself and also disabling yourself of anything new and refreshing. You might think he deserves another chance, but ask yourself this: haven’t you already given him too many chances? And what did he do? Nothing. He didn’t even try, and now that he can feel the end coming, he is showing some effort.

But there is no more love between you. It takes a lot of work to light up a fire that was once there but now is extinguished. You once loved him more than anything and he didn’t love you the way you needed someone to love you.

There is life ahead of you, and what you need to remember is that you can go back in time. You should be enjoying every minute of every day. The man you can let go of is not your future, and you know it. So why are you wasting your precious time? There are so many things planned for you in this life, and they do not involve him.

Love is not something you can control, like now I am going to be in love and now I’m not. You shouldn’t stay in a relationship just because breaking up is going to hurt. Of course it is going to hurt; you spent the last years with the guy. You are used to him and what comes next without him scares the hell out of you. But know this, without risks there is no gain.

Besides, by postponing the end of your relationship you are not only hurting yourself, you are hurting him too. By clouding the issue you are decelerating the process of healing. It is not fair to him or to you. In regard of the years you spent together, you owe that to yourselves. The both of you.

The signs you are over each other are here and you can’t ignore them anymore. Heartbreak doesn’t last forever, especially when you didn’t love him anymore. You will get through this; you will fill the hole he is going to make. But it is only up to you to move on, to face what’s coming and to get the best out of this situation.

I know it’s scary. I know it hurts. But you will get through this and come out of it even stronger. Everything happens for a reason. And you, my dear, are exactly where you are supposed to be and dealing with the torment you are supposed to deal with. Like I said, there are no coincidences. So, if you don’t love him anymore, if being with him doesn’t seem natural anymore, if you can’t picture yourself with him in ten years and the only thing that is stopping you from leaving him is the fear of being hurt, know that the only thing you will regret when you will look back at this situation is that you didn’t leave him when you should have. So yes, you need to walk away even if it hurts.

This Is Why You Need To Walk Away Even If It Hurts