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The Difference Between Dating a Girl and Dating a Woman

Dating a girl and dating a woman
Written by Karen Clark

As you grow older and more mature, with time you get to the realization that a woman and a girl are not synonyms that can be interchanged. These are also not terms related exclusively to a female’s age or marital status. These notions have to do with a lot more. The difference between a girl and a woman is crucial. It is a difference in behavior, world views, maturity, life vision, and the stage of life someone is in. A woman differs from a girl in numerous ways, and dating and relationships are just one of them. Although girls usually seem less challenging to be with, real mature men will always stick with women, and leave the girls to boys.

Here’s the difference between dating a girl and dating a woman:

When you first start dating a woman, she will tell you what she expects from you and from your relationship. She knows what she wants from life and is not afraid to do whatever it takes to get it. Besides, a woman will not settle for less, just to please her partner and to satisfy social norms. For her, her time and energy are precious and she won’t waste them on something or someone she doesn’t want in her life. A woman is never afraid of expressing her true desires, nor is she scared of being ridiculed because of her emotions.

On the other hand, a girl will accept your mind games. She will allow you to come in her life whenever you want. She will settle for a one-night stand or for a casual affair, even if she doesn’t really want it. A girl will be scared that she will get rejected and will pretend she is okay with some things she is not.

Remember that women are not afraid of being alone. They have their interests and hobbies and they can only choose to let you be the part of their life. A woman would rather be alone than with just anyone, and she will never have you in her life just not to be lonely.

Girls are terrified of being single. They ask for confirmation through men and don’t feel complete without a man in their life. They can be dissatisfied with the relationship you two are having, but will not walk away because of this fear.

When a woman is upset with you, she will make it clear. She won’t hold grudges nor will she insult you or yell at you. If she feels displeased, she will find a mature way to tell it to you and will try to work on the problems you two are having.

Girls are nothing similar. If they are hurt, they will give you the silent treatment and probably pretend that everything is alright. A girl will be passive aggressive and will try to punish your misbehavior in another way besides telling you what is really the matter. But, in the same, she will expect that you magically know what it is that you did wrong and make it better. Another possibility is that she will be hysterical about it and act like a little girl who didn’t get the toy she really wanted. The reason for this kind of behavior lies in the fact that girls are not mature enough to verbalize their dissatisfaction and emotions in general. Contrary to women, they still haven’t cultivated the skill of healthy communication.

When you argue with a woman, she will make an effort to look at the things from your point of view as well. She will not criticize everything you do, nor will she try and make you feel guilty for every little thing that goes wrong in your relationship. She knows that it takes two to tango and will take the responsibility for her actions and words. A woman is always ready to meet you halfway, because she knows that compromise is crucial for every healthy relationship.

On the other hand, an immature girl will always think she is right. Even if she comes to the conclusion that she made a mistake, she will try to play a victim and will never account herself responsible for anything that happens in a relationship.

But the most important thing that makes a woman is the fact that she knows her true values. She appreciates her mind and body completely. She won’t waste her energy on anyone who doesn’t put forth any effort because of her. A woman will not put up with you lying or cheating on her, because she knows what she deserves. She has her standards and if you want to be a part of her life, you’ll have to fulfill them.

If you plan on treating a woman like an option, don’t even bother trying to date her. She doesn’t settle for things. The moment she feels neglected or not treated as a priority, she will walk away. She respects herself and demands respect from everyone around her.

A woman will cherish her body. She will never allow you to think of her as a free ticket to sex. For her, her physical appearance is not her currency and basis of value, because she knows she has a lot more to offer. She doesn’t seek validation through sex and she doesn’t use it as a primary tool to get what she wants from life. At the same time, she is very much aware of her sexuality, but bases her value on other, more important things.

When you date a girl, the most important thing for her is that you find her physically appealing. She doesn’t put an effort into cultivating her mind. Instead, she uses all of her time and energy only to look the best she can. Sadly, she is not aware that there are other things she has to offer to men, and therefore, uses her sexuality as her only value.

This, among other things, allows men to emotionally manipulate girls. Although they appear full of self-esteem, girls usually have deep confidence issues. These issues give men the chance to control them and mold them the way they want. Unfortunately, this often leads to many forms of abuse, emotional abuse being the most common.

On the other hand, if you think about emotionally manipulating or abusing a woman, think again, because she will never allow it. She always has her feet on the ground and nothing you do or say can change her self-perception and the image she has of herself. No matter how hard you try, you can never diminish a woman nor can you lower her self-esteem, because she knows her true worth.

Even if you want to, you can never change a woman to fit to your standards. She is an individual with an already formed personality, and not someone in search for her true self. If she thinks you have the intention of controlling or changing her, she will leave you without a second thought.

You can never find a way to blackmail her. A woman is financially and emotionally sustainable. She is independent and relies only on herself.

If a woman happens to pick you to be a part of her life, consider yourself lucky. Yes, she is challenging and sometimes difficult to be around, but trust me—she is worth it. She asks for much, but she will empower your life in more ways than you could imagine.

The Difference Between Dating a Girl and Dating a Woman