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Know This Before You Cheat on Her

before you cheat on her
Written by Selma

Sadly, cheating has become a regular part of today’s dating. It seems that everybody cheats. Cheating appears fun and easy, especially with all the social networks and smartphone apps we all have access to. But, that doesn’t make it okay. Only because everyone does it and because it’s accessible doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the worst forms of betrayals you can put your partner through.

Cheating is much more than just sleeping with someone else. It’s not only about love—it’s also about trust and respect, and it breaks the foundations of every relationship, even if the other person never finds out about it. There are numerous forms of cheating that can be even more painful and heart breaking for the person being cheated on than the actual sexual affair. Cheating is something that has its causes deep in a relationship, but it is also a thing no relationship can ever fully recover from, no matter what someone claims.

Although a lot of men started considering it a sport or a kind of fun hobby and don’t see anything bad in it, trust me that cheating is devastating for both partners in a relationship and for the relationship future in general.

I know this because I was cheated on in the past. Everything you’ll read here is based on my personal experience, and I hope that no woman will ever have to go through the things I went through. It took me a lot of time to get over the sensation of humiliation and pain I felt. And it took me even longer to start trusting men and people in general after what has happened to me. I was probably making excuses for him, but I think the guy who cheated on me never knew the consequences his actions left on my personality. There were things I would like my boyfriend to have known before he cheated on me, so if you ever think of cheating your girlfriend, read this. I believe you will change your mind and regret even taking it into consideration.

I know this new girl probably gives you butterflies. You are excited because every beginning is interesting. You feel attracted to her. You’ve never seen her crying, you’ve never seen her tired, worried—you’ve only seen the best of her. Whenever you lay your eyes on her, she has her makeup on and she is well-dressed. Yes, that’s true, but that is so because you have never actually shared a life with her. You probably miss the passion in your relationship. But, do you think you will have a forever passion with this other girl? We all get into a routine and that’s normal. But, instead of looking for fire somewhere else, try to spice things in your current relationship.

Before you cheat on her, think of all the times she was there for you. Think of all the unconditional love and support she gave you through all these years. Think of every time you felt like you’ve reached the lowest point in your life, but she didn’t leave you. Think of the man you were before you met her. And compare that person to the man you are now. She improved your life, didn’t she? She always pushed you forward and believed in you, no matter what. Even when everyone around left you, she was there. Every time you fell, she was behind you to catch you. Every time you were down, she helped you get back up. Every time you were broken, she was there to pick up the pieces. This is a woman who saw you in your darkest hours and still never thought of turning her back on you. This is a woman who held your hand through all of the bad times. This is a woman you shared every piece of good news with. Remember the look on her face when you accomplished something? Remember how proud she was each time you’ve shown you really are the man worthy of her admiration? She was the one who did even the impossible just to see you smile and to make you happy. She made a lot of sacrifices for you and for your relationship. And, she appreciated every little thing you did for her. She never asked anything in return. She just wanted you to be loyal to her and your relationship. You know she is a type of woman most men would die for. And you have her, right there in front of you.

Do you really want to tear down everything you two tried so hard to build for a girl who will be out of your life before you know it? Do you really think it’s worth it? Is your entire life worthy of one night of meaningless sex? Are you ready to throw everything away for moments of physical pleasure that you have with her, as well?

Before you cheat on her, know that you will hurt her like no one else. Think of all the tears that will come from her eyes because of you. Think of all the sleepless nights she will have. Think of all the pain you will cause her to feel. You should know that she will feel worthless and good for nothing. Know that she will blame herself, thinking what she could do differently to prevent this from happening. Know that she will be humiliated and broken. Know that she will be shattered in pieces and that it would take her ages to go back to the way she used to be. Actually, it’s pretty possible that she will never be her old self. The devastating pain will crush her and eventually change her. She will build thick walls around her, so she can at least try to prevent others from giving her as much pain as you did. She will lose herself and you will be the only one to blame. You will break her and you will teach her she is not enough.

Before you cheat on her, know that she will never look at you the same. She may find the strength in herself to eventually forgive you, but you will never be the man you used to be in her eyes. She will never trust you again, after you’ve betrayed her. She may still love you, but you will destroy all the respect she has for you. She doesn’t have to show it. You’ll just know. You’ll see it in her eyes. There will be no more admiration towards you—you will never see that sparkle she had in her eyes every time she laid them on you.

Before you cheat on her, know that you will be crushed by guilt, sooner or later. You may feel like a bigger man in the beginning. At the start, your ego will be pumped to the sky. But, as the initial excitement goes by, you will see what you did. Soon, you will see the real consequences of your indecent actions. You will have the desire to go back in time and change things. But, that won’t be possible. You will know that you’ve broken someone’s heart and you will know you’ve crushed a woman’s world to the ground. And that notion will haunt you as long as you live.


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