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Girls Who Don’t See Their Worth Get Attached Easily

Written by Naida

Girls who don’t value themselves get attached easily because they think they’re not worth it. Well ladies, it is time to wake up!

Little attention is nice, and you are not used to it but it is not everything. Careful, I am not telling you to be ungrateful, but don’t fall immediately for the guy. You deserve a gentleman, a guy who will open the door of his car for you, help you put your coat on and all the flatteries that go with it. And all of that because you are worth it.

Because you have a low self-worth, you go with the first guy that compliments you and that’s not okay. You may not always be the center of attention, and when someone gives it to you, well you tend to settle for less than what you deserve.

I know you feel invisible and it can be frustrating, but what about letting people appreciate you for your real value?

Just remember, you do matter.

You may not be popular and people don’t always notice you, but they don’t have to. If you know what your worth is, you will find someone who will appreciate you for who you really are.

You deserve someone who compliments you, who answers your texts, who make you smile, and who appreciates your qualities.

Don’t lower your standards just because he noticed you. There are plenty of people out there who will be glad to enjoy your qualities. Do not give your heart so easily.

The need to be accepted and loved is what makes you fall hard and fast for the first guy who gives you attention. And we are all looking for that, because love is the essence of life. But not everybody deserves you.

People will treat you the way you treat yourself, and it has always been that way. The sooner you are aware of your qualities, the faster you will raise your standards to what you really deserve.

Most of all, you should be your priority and do everything you can to be better. Accept your flaws; we are all humans after all. In life, time is money, but in love time is everything. Give yourself some time to get to know the guy, one step at a time.

I know your heart is full of love and you can’t wait to give it to someone, but not everyone is worth loving. Your heart is precious. Always remember that. And there is someone out there who is worth your love, someone who will cherish your flaws, love all your silly wishes, and someone who will adore you for who you are.

You are special and no one should make you feel like you’re not. Love comes from the heart, but in a relationship, not only does your heart have a role but your brain should have one, too.

Besides what’s wrong with being single? Trust me, you can be happy on your own and enjoy life while you are single. The moment you realize you can make yourself happy is the moment you will realize that not everybody deserves you. You don’t need anybody to tell you what your qualities are, you can find out on your own. Embrace yourself, you are totally worth it.

Most of all explore yourself; learn about your needs, your body and your expectations. So that when the right moment comes, you won’t get attached too easily. Instead you will know that if he wants to be with you, he will have to fight for you, because you are worth fighting for and because your expectations are high.

You should not have to settle for less, just because it is easy and because it doesn’t take any effort. Love is extraordinary, why would you skip that just so you can have someone next to you who isn’t probably right for you? Aren’t you curious to find your perfect match? Trust me, he’s out there. Maybe just as insecure as you are and waiting for someone like you. Maybe just as lost as you are.

So finally be careful; love might be just around the corner and remember to love yourself first because, well, you matter!


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