As we know, there is no chance to choose who we are falling for or whom we will love. It is hard to predict whether a person that we like is good or not. Many times we fall for the wrong ones, but we don’t get to choose that. Our feelings come out of nowhere, but we easily deceive ourselves. It is also possible that we are lonely, so we just catch the fancy of anyone in order to avoid being alone.

I bet you understand me, it probably happened to you. You fell in love deeply with someone and deceived yourself that it is real this time. At the moment you couldn’t get your eyes off that person. You felt like you have lost yourself. It was hard to explain to someone how you feel, you saw everything as ideal.

Until it started to tear down.

Like I said at first, we don’t know if a person is going to be good or bad. There are many people who can pretend for a long time to be someone who they are not actually. When you found out that your person is not loyal or honest at all, you regretted. You trusted him so badly, he left you speechless.

So, you needed to end things between you. It was like a hurricane of mixed emotions, a huge mess with no escape on first sight. You were mad, you felt guilty for being so dumb, and you were frustrated because of him, but also for yourself. He made you a fool for trusting him so easily, even though you didn’t know him well enough. The only thing that can justify you is stupid love. With love comes the trust and hope that someone has as good heart as you have. You didn’t protect yourself and you ended up hurt and vulnerable once again.

When you decided to break up, he told you that you will never meet someone who will love you more than he did.

You started thinking about those words, and you felt something like regret for getting things over. Yet you didn’t do anything. Your feeling of loss and love for him made your brain work in the way that you should probably believe in what he said to you. He really made it; he left you thinking if he was right.

Deep down inside of you, you knew that he lied. Probably he said that to break you in any way, because you were the one who left him. He told you that because he was angry and with hope that you will be hurt at least for a second.

Do you think he felt better? Of course not. He felt even worse when he realized that he is a bad person for wanting you to feel empty and hurt.

On the other side, there was you who trusted for a period in those words of how no one will ever love you more than he did. No matter what you have been through, you still believed his words are truth. We can blame love for that, once again. It was just because of love and it lasted until you gained self-respect and the power to deal with things by yourself.

You became aware of what true love means. It is not healthy if you get mad anytime when things don’t work the way you want. Also, it is not good to ignore and avoid your partner when you need to be alone. If there is a lack of communication between you, it won’t work. You shouldn’t convince your partner that he is not worthy of your love.

You know that he was wrong. That amount of love that you deserve is something he was never able to give you. His love was nothing. Luckily you chose to walk away from him the moment you realized that his words that no one will love you like he did are lies.

You know your worth. You know that everyone is replaceable if you have self-love and self-respect. Don’t let anyone deceive you and never stay in toxic and unhealthy relationships. You are a great person full of love and only those people who have even more love than you do deserve a person like you.

If you ever meet your ex-boyfriend again, make sure to let him know that anyone will love you better that he did.

And it is going to be the truth. When you meet a person who is honest, patient, and who makes you feel happy, give him a chance. Somewhere out there has to be man who will love you no matter what, who will see your value, who will appreciate your presence, who will fight against everything with you and who will have no mask.