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7 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person

to the women struggling to conceive
Written by Naida

Someone once said that love is blind, and it kind of is. We do not really see the person we are sharing our life with as they truly are, but there are some signs that will tell you that you’re with the wrong person.

A strong relationship is about trust and honesty. You get what you give, and it should be vice versa but sometimes it is not. In love it is all or nothing. And when you’re in love, you’re giving everything you have, but ask yourself would your partner do the same for you? Are you giving too much of yourself?

You are not you anymore.

Being there for your partner is right, but did you listen to JLo’s song lately? Like, I’m not your mama? Do you feel like a housekeeper to your partner more than you feel like his lover? If you do, well, it is a clear sign your relationship somewhere went wrong. You have needs, too. You shouldn’t be the only one trying to make your partner happy, it should go both ways.

You’re less happy.

When in a relationship, you can’t always be happy because no one is happy all the time, but one thing is sure, you shouldn’t be unhappy. You can’t run away from your feelings and from what’s in your heart. If you’re unhappy, frustrated, nervous, and uncomfortable, maybe it is time to move on. So, my advice to you is be true to yourself.

You’re emotionally tired.

By always being the one trying and pushing forward, at some point you will be totally emotionally exhausted. Your partner should be your motivation, you should be pushing each other to be the best versions of yourselves. Instead, you’re the only one sacrificing your happiness for the wrong person.

You feel underestimated.

Like I said, your partner should be a motivation for you and not the contrary. If he is destroying your self-esteem and if you feel low when you’re with him, it is a clear sign he is not right for you. Nothing you do is good enough. This kind of relationship is poisoning your life. I truly advise you to leave that fool and find someone who will appreciate even the meaningless things you’ll do for them.

He wants you to change.

You don’t have to change yourself so that someone accepts you. You are perfect just the way you are. Always remember that. If he’s always trying to change you into something you’re not and if he criticizes you for your habits, he is bad for you. You don’t have to justify yourself and, even less, change yourself for someone to love you. If he doesn’t accept you for what you are, he is the wrong person for you.

You’re the only one ready to commit.

There is two people in a relationship, and it’s okay at the beginning to not be sure about your intentions and what will come out of it. But at some point if you’re the only one that is giving your entire being to the other without getting anything in return, well, I know it can be frustrating. You can’t force someone to love you. If it doesn’t come naturally, it won’t come at all.

It doesn’t feel right anymore.

You’re constantly fighting, over money, over jealousy, over everything. And you can’t escape the fights. Sometimes you even doubt your feelings. You’re not sure anymore if you are truly in love. Also, you can’t remember what made you fall for that guy and you don’t see each other in the future. Maybe it is because you have different dreams. It’s okay to have different dreams, but if you can’t meet each other somewhere in the middle, someone will have to sacrifice their dream which is not right and it is a sign you’re not made for each other.

Building a strong relationship takes a lot of work, but it shouldn’t be that hard. If your love is not spontaneous, it’s a sign you shouldn’t ignore. Don’t waste your time on a bad love. You only have one heart and it deserves to be treated right. But at least you can learn a lot from your bad relationships. However, there is someone out there who deserves you just as you are and who will love you and accept you. Don’t lose faith, he is somewhere…you just have to look a little bit better.


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