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To The Girl Who Always Ends Up As A Second Option

second option

It is definitely time to change something. You are done with being someone’s thing for game playing. You don’t want anyone to abuse you anymore, anyone to use your good behavior or to waste your feelings. This is the final point and you can’t live like this anymore. You are exhausted because you see every day how people choose to use you and then walk away from you. Simply, you can’t take it anymore. The sooner you make the change, the better it will be for you.

Maybe you are wondering how you even came to this point of life. A person or groups of people, who you consider as very valuable in your life, see you just as a second option. Unfair, isn’t it? Still, you are calm and patient. You secretly hope that you they are good people and that they aren’t really using you. Well, let me tell you that you are fooling yourself. You will hardly become something more to them than you are just now. Such great being are you, funny, happy, optimistic in life and definitely honest with your narrow circle of friends. Since you are smart, you know very well what I am talking about. You know that they are using you even though you deserve better. They need to treat you better that they do now, so why are you letting them to see you as one of their options?

People really see you as a great person, so they do what they are able to. Your soft heart, your generosity, your wariness allows them to use you for whatever they need. Despite that, you still let them walk away and you are not mad or pissed off. You remain calm and gentle.

In order to make people around you happy and satisfied, you won’t ever do anything to stand up for yourself. This is because you care about others’ feelings more than for yours. You simply don’t want to hurt them, no matter that you know they are hurting you every single day. However, you feel how little they respect you. But, you remain strong. You are so considerate that you sacrifice yourself only that they would be happy and satisfied.

At some point you really need to stop letting this happen to you. It is up to you whether you want to allow people to keep making a fool of you. People really know who they can fool. The less you respect yourself, the more they use you. If you don’t value yourself, who would? They will utilize you as much as you let them. Stop, please stop. That was really enough.

The moment you realize that you have to respect yourself more, all those people who treat you disrespectfully will start to follow you.

It is only a problem that you are still not ready to start respecting yourself more. Your soft heart can take more than it already takes. You are letting people manipulate you, and even though you know it, you are fine with that. You don’t see problems and you only want all those people to stay around you. No matter what they do to you, you still value their presence. You won’t complain if they don’t offer you anything back, even though you gave them all of you.

People take you for granted but they know you are tired. They know that you can’t stand for much longer. You are tired of those people who treat you inappropriately, like you don’t deserve more. They are not even putting an effort to have better behavior to you. You really don’t deserve to be abused and you feel like you spent all of your feelings and love. You started to feel like you are unhealthy and it happened only because you mistreated yourself at first in order to save the others.

Try to go somewhere and have a rest from this toxicity. Stop the life you are living. Find out the way to avoid negative people and things. Try to live a complete new life that includes new people and new surroundings. Don’t make the same mistake like you made before. Think and choose wisely. You deserve a good and healthy life filled with honesty and respect.

What you let yourself is in the past. Now that you are aware that you deserve better, don’t let your past to define your future. You are the only owner of your life and now let it be that way. Find strength to love yourself at first place.

To The Girl Who Always Ends Up As A Second Option