Here are very important things every single girl wants you to know:

Sometimes she is vulnerable, and that is perfectly okay.

It doesn’t matter how much a single girl is strong, she is vulnerable at times. And you need to know that is perfectly okay. She is strong and independent, because she for so long lived on her own. But that doesn’t make her impervious to hurt. Every girl is capable to feel pain, she can be hurt. No matter what she was going through, and it doesn’t matter for how long she was single, she is still a human being.

She wants to find love.

A single girl is happy on her own. And she got used to live on her own, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need someone to love her. It doesn’t mean that she is not looking for love. She has her life, her career, she is strong, but she still needs someone who will be beside her. Actually, she wants to fall in love, to feel love, to love and to be loved.

There is so many things she still has to learn.

She has been single for a while, and she used that time to learn about life. But there is still so many thing she wants to learn. There is so many lessons she wants to learn. No matter how much time she spent learning, she doesn’t finish learning. Day by day she learns something new, and she is still growing more and more. And she understands that she is not the smartest one, she is open for other ideas. And her desire to educate herself won’t stop.

She is careful and not cold at all.

She has been single for a while, and she learned some things. And if she look like a cold one, she is not. She is just careful, because she has been single for a while. And she doesn’t want to get hurt. She has learned enough about life, and she understands that there are ups and downs. So she is careful.

Single girl has dreams like all of us.

It doesn’t matter how long she is single, she still has dreams. Single girl is strong and capable to get what she wants, but she still had dreams. There is so many things that she wants to do. There is so many goals and dreams. Single girl has her own aspirations. And it doesn’t matter how many times she has been let down, she doesn’t give up on her dreams and goals.

She is brave, and she is definitely fearless.

Single girl knows that she is capable of a great deal. She has been single for a while and she learned many things. Sometimes she gets scared, and it is totally okay. But a single girl is brave, but she is not fearful. Single girl is aware of her limitations, and she is definitely not going to do something dangerous. She is not afraid of new things. Actually, single girls are brave.

She is self-assured.

For too long she only has herself, and she learned how to deal with the whole world just by herself.  And no matter what she is not mean, but she goes for what she wants. Single girl knows what she wants, but also she wants success for all who deserve it. Single girl believes in herself, she is confident. Also, she is there to help everyone who needs her help, so she is not looking to bring anyone down.

Being single for a while made her this way.

Her inner strength doesn’t come naturally. Single girl doesn’t decide to have strength one day, and other not. Over a time she was single she become stronger and wiser. Being single for a while made her this way. It doesn’t matter how hard sometimes it is for her, she keep her strength, because her strength comes from a deep-seated place in her soul.