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Remember: You Will Get Over It

you will get over it
Written by Naida

People often face different tough situations that make them nervous, sad, and sometimes even anxious. There are many ways to get over those situations; you just need to figure out which one way you choose.

Try to think about your problem in order to find out where it began. You only need to know that at the end of the dark tunnel there is the light. No matter what suffocates you, one day it will eventually release. Don’t let yourself fall down or let someone break you because you value, you know how to get over it, and you will find a way. We can learn from every bad thing that happens to us and we certainly come out stronger. No matter what is happening to you, it will pass. Everything is provisional and passable. So whatever you are struggling with right now, it will pass.

With these words try to remind yourself that the most difficult situations in our lives actually shape us. They form us into better and stronger people. The more pain we face, the stronger we get out of it. If we had a relationship which turns out to be failure, try to figure out why that happened and was is your fault. If you find that answer and if you figure out it wasn’t up to you, you will know how to value yourself more. You will eventually know how to choose good things for yourself. Every person considers their own pain as the greatest one. No matter what bad happened to you, whether it was the death of someone in your narrow circle, heartbreak, divorce or anything else, you need to know that you will get over it.

People oftentimes tell us that everything happens for a reason. We are who we are and we can’t get away from our own skin.

With these words I want you to face with your feelings. Don’t let them overwhelm you if they have a negative influence on you. As the time goes by you will know how to pass by a person who hurt you or left you, and you won’t turn around for mistakes that you have made. If there is a distance between you and someone who used to abuse you, you will heal your wounds much faster. Also, if someone made you insecure, with lack of self-respect, vulnerable, and perhaps left you with trauma, be aware that you will find yourself by being patient. Don’t give up because you worth more.

If you don’t want to commit yourself ever again, only because of your bad experience in the past, I can tell you that is wrong. Not only wrong but unfair, because you don’t want to give a chance to those new people who maybe deserve one. We can put back together whatever smashes. And when we do that, it will be stronger than ever regardless of whether it was broken and it doesn’t look like original. Broken things can show up in brighter ways than it was originally.

With these words you need to realize that it will stop hurting in the middle of your pain. When you start thinking that you don’t have anything else left, you will find a break through those dark and rough times. There is no one in the world who deserves to suffer. Also, there is no one who has permission to hurt your feelings. No one who can own us. So, stop being down there and get over everything. You are good person, who is supposed to live, love, laugh, cry, and be happy about little things or to do anything that fulfills you. Everything besides letting someone destroy you.

With these words I want to tell you how strong and independent you are. People can try to defeat you, but you mustn’t let them destroy you.

Remind yourself that no matter what are you struggling with, you can and you will find a way. Way to survive and get over it.


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