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12 Things Guys Do That Make Girls Happy

guys do that make girls happy
Written by Lauren Dover

Almost every guy does so many little things that make his girl happy, and he is not even aware of them. It can be a random act of kindness, but it actually makes his girl happy. So here is the list of the little things that guys do that make girls happy:

When you every time ask for consent.

This is maybe the biggest one, and maybe this one is the most important. So guys, always make sure you hear us and our needs. Wait for her yes, and then start doing what you want to do. Because when you ask her for consent it makes her happy.

Kiss on the forehead, but also any part of the head.

Almost every girl likes to be kissed on forehead, because for her it is so intimate and lovely. Actually, for us it is such a comforting feeling, so don’t forget to kiss her top of the head, or her forehead.

Let us wear your shirts.

Although they are too big for us, we still like to wear your shirts, because they still smell like you. Your shirts are so cozy. And if a girl takes your sweater home, be sure that she wants to see you again.

When you smell good.

It makes a girl so much happier when you smell good. When you smell good, we just want to snuggle with you.

When you push our hair behind our ear.

At the moment when you push our hear behind our ear, deep inside us is a feeling that can’t be described by words. It is so sweet, but also it is sexy, and we just love it. Especially when you want to kiss us, when you come closer and then push our hear behind our ear. Damn, we adore that feeling.

It is really important to be honest.

There is no need for lying. Whatever happened, you should say it. If you are seeing other people, say it. If you have some problems, say it too. We should be concerned about some important things. Because lying and hiding things will just hurt us, and hiding is the stupidest thing you can possibly to. With time we will find out, so don’t lie and don’t hide things. Girls can find whatever they want to know, we are so good in the research. Say the whole truth, don’t hide things and don’t lie.

It is important to first think about our needs.

When it comes to sex, it is really important to think about our needs. At least you can try to learn how to please us. It will make us happy, but also it will make you happy. Just try a little bit harder to understand our needs, and we are going to be happy.

Don’t forget that we have our own lives too.

We enjoy your company and spending time with you, but you need to know that we need some time apart as well. We have our own life, and you need to understand that. There are our friends and family, and other important people in our lives, and you have to respect that.

Use our name.

It really makes us happy when instead saying “babe” you say our name. It feels like you care about us even more than we think, and that is pretty amazing.

It makes us happy when you start conversation.

It makes us happy when you text first and when you start conversation. It makes us feel like you really care about us, because you find energy to talk with us.

When you tell us about how you are feeling.

It is pretty amazing when guys can put their feelings into words, and girls like that. Whenever you have bad times or good times, be able to talk with us about it, because it makes us happy. If you don’t want to be with us, just tell us. We can’t read your mind, so whatever you feel, say it.

When you are nice with our friends.

Our friends are really important in our lives, so when you are nice to them it makes us happy. When you respect them, it makes us happy.

12 Things Guys Do That Make Girls Happy