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This Is How You Say Goodbye To Your Forever Person

say goodbye
Written by Lauren Dover

Favorite person is the one we are meant to never say goodbye to.

He was my “the one,” my favorite person. Our love was the best thing that ever happened to me. And he was everything to me, my life, my world, my partner in crime. The most important thing is that he was my home. There is no words to describe what he was to me, and what he still is. He was by me when no one would be. No matter what happened, he was there, taking care of me. He stayed by my side when there was no reason to stay.

Our relationship should never end, because he was my favorite person. He was not supposed to go anywhere, because that is the whole point of a forever person. But this is life, so many things happen without reason and for reason. I don’t know and I don’t understand why I had to say goodbye to him. Why? It is not supposed to say goodbye to your favorite person. Obviously life had different plans for us, and we could not do anything to prevent it. That is life.

Everything was out of my control, I couldn’t change things, he could not change things either. He was supposed to stay with me forever, but I still had to say goodbye to him, to my favorite person. It is really hard to say what is going on inside you when you have to say goodbye to your favorite person. There is so much pain, it hurt badly. But at least I can try to explain how you let forever go.

Accepting everything that happened.

He was matter, our relationship was matter, we were matter. I accepted that he was all that no one else would ever be. He was my forever person, I accepted that, but the timing was wrong. God had another plan for us. The universe did not want us to succeed, I accepted it too. He was my home, my whole world, and that actually means something. Our love happened for a reason, and it ended for a reason too. There is nothing we could do different.

Life will keep going, with us, or without us. It doesn’t matter if we are together or not, it is always going on. But I understand that our love wasn’t enough to keep us together. It doesn’t matter that I had say goodbye to my favorite person, I was thankful, I am still thankful. I am thankful because I had a chance to meet him, to be with him. To let him be part of my life. And I am thankful because I found out what real love looks like.

There are so many people that still haven’t find out what it feels like to find their favorite person, and maybe they will never know. Maybe they will never fall in love, maybe they are already in love, or maybe they are married. But maybe they still don’t understand the real meaning of favorite person. Maybe they don’t what it looks like, the true intimacy that comes from meeting that one, favorite person. There is so many people that never meet their forever people. But I am not one of those people. I met my forever person, and that is something I am grateful for.

My heart was breaking, I was in pain, my whole body was in pain when I had to say goodbye to my favorite person.

But I still said goodbye. I wasn’t angry, I said goodbye so calmly, with gratitude. I understood that it had to be that way, it had to be. And I couldn’t do anything. I appreciate what I had while I had it, and I let him go with gratitude. I stayed loyal to myself, I still was me, truly me. The person he loved so much. And that is the only thing that is important.

Maybe it took me a while to understand some things, but I still did. After a certain time, I realized that the only guaranteed forever person in my life is myself. I am that person, no one else. Actually, I realized that there would be so many people, but the only one person who won’t leave me is me. I am the only one who is there when bad times come, I know how to make myself happy. It took me a lot to realize this, but I understood that I am going to figure out everything, sooner or later.

Maybe I wanted to spend whole my life with him, with my favorite person. But at the end, the only person who stayed with me is myself.

And I am going to take care of that person, I will love that person. I will be there for that person. And the most important thing is that I will be proud of that person. Because that person was going through bad times, and at the end, didn’t hold back on the things that matter most. I gave all I had, and I was giving my best, and I am proud because of that. And I know that I am capable to love, to love myself more than anything, and it is important.

This Is How You Say Goodbye To Your Forever Person