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10 Reasons You Should Fall in Love With the Stubborn Girl

Stubborn girl
Written by Karen Clark

Stubborn girls are in general considered to be hard to process and handle and men are often intimidated and threatened by them. They usually appear as tough women who are never ready to meet you halfway. But stubborn women are much more than just hard-headed and have numerous other qualities that would make every mature man fall in love with her. Yes, life with a stubborn girl can be difficult sometimes. But, trust me, it’s worth it. And here are 10 reasons why.

She will love you hard

One of the most important qualities every stubborn girl possesses is that she doesn’t do anything with the half of her being. If she falls in love with you, be prepared for unconditional love and support. If she is with you, she will give herself in completely. Yes, she is stubborn about everything in life, but she will also be stubborn about you. And because of her stubbornness, she is not a quitter—she will never give up on you or on your relationship. Love is important for these girls—they don’t love just anyone, but when choose to love you, there is nothing you can do to make them stop loving you. If she cares about you, she cares deeply.

She has high self-confidence

Stubborn girls are usually very confident. When they say something, they usually mean it for real and are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. When you are with a stubborn girl, you are with someone who has strong opinions and is not afraid to tell you the truth, even if it’s harsh and painful. Unfortunately, many men don’t like girls with high self-confidence, although they say they do, because these girls are hard to manipulate and always stand their ground. But, are you looking for an equal partner in life or for a woman who will nod her head after everything you say?

She’s passionate about everything

Whatever a stubborn girls puts herself into, she does it with a lot of love and passion. This especially goes for romantic relationships. Your relationship with her will probably been an exciting roller coaster, but it will be worth it. She simply has the ability to take every ordinary thing and situation and turn it into something special and unique. Besides, intimacy is a big deal for every stubborn girl, and for them, it’s much more than sex. She wants to be really close to her partner and wants the passion you two share to be felt all the time, not just in bed.

She’s an empath

Although it may not seem that way, passionate girls are actually very sensitive and empathic. When you two fight, she will be able to put herself in your position and will always try to see things from your perspective. These girls appear to be tough, but actually that is just their armor and they are overly sensitive in most cases. They were hurt in the past, and know how that feels like, so they will never treat you the way you don’t want to be treated. Whatever you do, they’ll try to justify you and will forgive you countless times. But be careful not to use that. Instead, appreciate this quality of theirs, because it’s quite rare.

She’s interesting

Hard headed girls make everything around them interesting and exciting. They simply spice everything up and give their special touch to things. This is one of the first reasons most men get attracted to stubborn girls. Life with them never enters a routine and everything is special with them. Sometimes, being in a relationship with a stubborn girl can seem hard and complicated, but one thing you won’t definitely be is bored. And that’s the beauty of it, every moment you spend with her will be memorable and will be worth all of the complications she’s bringing with her.

She’s realistic

A stubborn girl is realistic about everything in life. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe in love, she just refuses to live in a fairytale and doesn’t look at life through pink sunglasses. She may appear to have her head in the clouds, but actually, the situation is completely different. Her feet are always on the ground and she will never be afraid to call things their real name. She will not soften anything for you, and will never lie to you, just so you can feel better. She will always be honest and down to earth. This means she will empathize with you, but will never feel sorry for you nor be with you out of pure pity.

She will fight for you

If a stubborn girl decides you are worth fighting for, be sure that you are someone special for her. She will fight hard for your relationship to work and will she will put all the effort she has in you. If she chooses you, you will have her unconditional support no matter what. She will never leave you hanging and will consider all of your problems to be hers as well. A stubborn girl knows that it’s easy to be around someone when things are good, but real devotion is seen when things get rough. And those are the situation in which she’ll have your back.

She will push you forward

A stubborn girl is someone who is always after some kind of improvement. But she is never self-centered and she also wants you to be the best possible version of yourself. She will always push you forward. That doesn’t mean she will try to change you and make you a person you are not and don’t want to become. No, she will only inspire you, so you will have the desire to use your full potential when you are around her. She will never allow you to stop believing in yourself and she will make you feel more self-confident than ever. It’s not just that she’ll make the relationship between you two better—she will make you better in all ways.

She is not afraid of expressing her feelings

A stubborn girl is always aware of her emotions and doesn’t have a problem with expressing them. She doesn’t see her feelings as a weakness, but as her biggest strength. She is confident in herself and therefore, doesn’t have trouble being open about her feelings. If a stubborn girl loves you, she will tell it to you loud and clear and she will use every possible opportunity to show it to you and to the world. If she’s with you, she will be proud of it and will want everyone to know it. Most importantly, this girl won’t have trouble with terms such as commitment and exclusiveness.

She knows what she wants

Every stubborn girl knows exactly what and who is that she wants and has no problem getting it. She is rarely indecisive when it comes to important things in life. If she sets her mind on something, there is nobody and nothing that can stand in her way. She is ambitious, knows her true worth, and will never settle for an immature man who doesn’t know what he wants from life.

10 Reasons You Should Fall in Love With the Stubborn Girl