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This Is How You Know You’re Over Your Ex

you're over your ex
Written by Aveline

Exes have always been a particularly heavy subject for me. Talking about it, especially when you’re not in the clear with your feelings, can be painful. And the last thing any of us would want is to have to relive the same pain again, right?

It always takes time to think it through, analyze it, whatever is necessary for each individual to come to terms with it. And it takes even more to get over it.

We will learn to move on eventually, you can be absolutely sure of it. And when the time comes, you will see you worried for nothing, because it is possible to live on your life without your ex in it. Here are the things you will start noticing in time and how you know you’re over your ex.

You’ll stop stalking his social media.

I am so convinced that it would be much easier to get over a person when our lives wouldn’t be constantly served on a platter to everyone that has access to the internet. You can’t possibly stop thinking about him when you’re always tempted to see what’s happening with him. Or when you go through his pictures to remind yourself of his smile.

When you finally lose the need to do that, and when seeing his pictures doesn’t make you sad, it will be one of your first signs.

You’ll stop flinching when someone mentions him.

It’s your family and friends shooting questions at you about the breakup. Or someone casually mentioning him in the conversation. Either way, the sound of his name makes you cringe.

When you can go through such questions and conversations without flinching and getting sad, you will know you are over him. And you better believe those days will come.

Running into him won’t be a big deal.

You can’t really escape the country just to avoid running into him somewhere. Especially when you live in the same city. Well, you can, but that would be overreacting, wouldn’t it?

It will be extremely hard seeing his face in the beginning, especially when one of those times you see him with someone new. But eventually, that too will stop being an issue and you will know you’re heading in the right direction.

You won’t have an urge to get back with him any longer.

When you’ve been with a person for a longer time, you get used to them. You get used to everything about them, and once they’re gone, you can’t stop longing for them.

You miss the way his arms felt around you, his smell, the warmth of his skin and the kisses you shared. But time heals everything, and time will heal this too. You will know when you finally stop missing those little things about him.

You’ll be ready to date.

You were absolutely sure he was the one for you. Now you can’t stop comparing everyone else to him. No one seems to be able to replace him.

But you are forgetting a key fact here. Your relationship is gone and he is gone. There had to be a reason for failure, so he is probably not as perfect as you made him out to be.

When you finally see that and get ready to give others a chance, you are ready to move on.

You won’t be bothered with the fact he’s with someone else.

Even if you told your friends, and everyone else, that you don’t want to know anything about him, you can’t avoid it. Social media era will find a way to serve you information you might not be able to handle. Like a picture of him with his new love interest popping up on your newsfeed.

But when you see or hear a thing like that and feel unbothered, maybe even happy for him, that’s when you’re over him.

You won’t feel hatred towards him anymore.

If the relationship ended extremely badly because he hurt you or cheated on you, anger and hatred will be pretty persistent. It will be even worse if you were very happy in that relationship and didn’t want it to end.

You might wonder what am I talking about. Hatred IS a sign you’re over him.

Guess again. Feeling hate towards him is just one strong emotion being replaced by another. Whatever the emotion is, you still feel for him. And that is not you getting over him.

Once you hear about him or see him, especially if he’s moving on, and feel nothing, not even a pinch of hate, that’s when you’re over him. But if you’re able to see him and actually wish him well after everything he did, it will be sign of you not only moving on, but also growing as a person. And if that isn’t one hell of a victory, I don’t know what is.


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