These 28 Cute Little Things Girls Do Are Unintentionally Sexy, According To Men

cute little things girls do
Written by Deborah Carbone

When a guy likes a girl she doesn’t have to try too much to impress him. Even without trying at all she can catch his attention. Guys are visual creatures and they notice even the smallest cute things girls do. However, most will not tell you that they adore the little cute things you do. If you are wondering what these cute things girls do that can drive guys insane here is a list:

Cute Things Girls Do Unintentionally that Men Find Sexy

1. Ranting about her passion

Most women are not eager to talk about their passions especially if they think it might be interpreted as bragging. However, guys find it incredibly attractive when a girl keeps going about her hobbies, certain subjects she is passionate about or even her work. Most guys say they love being with girls who are really invested in what they do since it’s quite attractive.

2. The way she sits

It might be sitting cross-legged, pulling your knees to your chest and hugging them or even resting your head on your lap when you are talking to them. This might be a routine to you that you do even without thinking about it. It might surprise you that a guy watching you go through all those motions can even lose his train of thought because his mind is completely blown by that.

3. Messy buns

Every girl has put her hair in a messy bun at some point or even let it hang loosely. You may think you look your worst with your hair undone but he might be drooling all over you because of that look. Therefore, put your hair in a simple but messy manner sometimes and watch how he reacts. Also, the process of doing your hair sometimes has you holding your hair clip between your teeth or having to adopt a weird pose to make sure your clip is reachable once you are ready to tie the hair. To you, it might be just a routine to get your hair done before you go out or get ready to complete house chores but to him, it might be a memorable moment where he’s awed by your beauty.

4. Standing on your toes to reach something

The average girl tends to be shorter than the average guy. Not everything in the house will be within your reach and sometimes you may have to be on your tippy-toes to reach for something high up or even pull something to step on to get there. At the back of your mind, you may be cursing for being too short to reach for whatever you want without straining but for him, it is one of the most adorable things. Don’t be surprised to turn back and see him smiling at you. It’s not that he’s laughing at you but rather thinking about how adorable you are.

5. Leaving the door open as you pee

Everything you do in the washroom should be private but once you have known someone intimately that will change very fast. You don’t have to keep the door closed whenever you pee because there is something about holding conversations with your significant other while you are peeing that is irresistible. Thus, if you thought you had to keep the door closed whenever you have to pee then it is time you stopped.

6. Being slightly mad at something

No matter how peaceful you are, some things and some people will get to you from time to time. Guys like it when girls get slightly mad especially about silly things. It gives you a super-cute appearance that is difficult not to fall for. Thus, whenever he looks amused when you are slightly mad it’s not because he doesn’t care about what is making you mad but rather that he finds you painfully adorable.

7. When you play with his hair

It’s not just girls that are happy when someone plays with their hair. Thus, play with hair as well. Massage his scalp, run your fingers through his hair, wrap it around your fingers, cover yourself with it, etc. These are some of the things guys will not come out and tell you directly but they will be super impressed if you do it to them.

8. Lip-biting and arching your eyebrows

These are pretty common when a girl is flirting but some girls do it unintentionally when they are trying to focus or solve something challenging. You may not even know you are doing it until you catch him staring. Also, locking eyes with someone who has been looking at you is pretty adorable. Thus, you don’t even have to get out of character to impress him. It is the little things that can have him obsessed with you to the point where he can’t wait to have you back in his arms when he’s away.

9. Making eye contact even when talking to someone else

When hanging out in a group it can be too much for someone who has social anxiety especially if you are the only person they know in the group. Keeping eye contact when talking to them or even addressing other people will show them that they are still in your mind no matter how big the crowd is. Thus, remember this the next time you are hanging out with your friends and your significant other is present as well.

10.Comfy clothes

You don’t have to always dress up when you are with your significant other. Comfortable sweatpants, sweatshirt, or a t-shirt is quite attractive as well. If you are in a long-term relationship and living together it will be tiresome to have to dress up every day. Let your significant other see you in your comfortable clothes and even with your hair in a ponytail. It tells him you are comfortable around him to the point where you don’t have to feel insecure about what he’ll think of you when you put on your comfortable clothes. Thus, don’t stress about getting all dolled up for him all the time because he actually doesn’t care to see you all messy.

11. How your shampoo and perfume smells

Girls have to use shampoo more often than guys. Little things like catching the scent of your shampoo can make guys go crazy. Thus, when you see him using your shampoo or smelling your hair whenever he gets a chance to hug you don’t think it is weird. If he’s taking a long time to smell your hair it means he wants to take in as much of your shampoo scent as possible to remind him of you when you are apart. Just let him do it.

On the same note, your perfume is also one of the small things that will have him turned on whenever you wear it. You may have seen people turn to look at you after you have passed. It might be because the perfume you are wearing reminds them of someone. Thus, wear his favorite perfume when you are meeting him to have him melting in your arms.

12. Playing with your hair

This is quite common especially when a girl’s hair is not done. Playing with your hair might be one of the things you do when you are bored or absent-minded but it can be a great turn on for a guy. Once you realize he loves that you should keep doing it especially when you are together. Pull at it, keep touching or even twirling it.  Playing with your hair makes guys go nuts about you because it is cute and sexy.

13. Laughing at his jokes

You may have seen couples who are always laughing together even when it is not clear what they are laughing at. However, it isn’t a matter of how humorous your partner is but finding the time to laugh together. There is something about a free-spirited laugh that lights up your face. Since guys are visual creatures you’ll have him all over you. If you are wondering how the next couple can’t get enough of each other it might be because they enjoy laughing together.

14. Showing emotions

You may think showing emotions can scare a guy away but that is hardly the case. Guys find you cute when you are not afraid to show emotions. Whether you are really excited or embarrassed you shouldn’t hold back. Let him know exactly how you are feeling at that moment no matter where you are. There is something irresistible about people who aren’t obsessed with curating their emotions. Let people know how you feel all the time instead of protecting a certain image that is not even real.

15. Calling his name

As much as pet names are adorable, it is even cuter when you call his name. The moment he hears you call out his name he’ll definitely stop what he was doing to listen to him.  Cute little things like these turn on guys and they will always be at your mercy. The best part is that you may not believe how much an effect you have on them all because of the things you do unintentionally.

16. Wearing glasses

As much as you may crave perfect eyesight sometimes you just have to wear glasses. You’ll be surprised by the fact that guys find you cuter with your glasses on because it gives out these geeky vibes. Also, there is something about girls who wear glasses that makes them look more innocent. Thus, instead of feeling sorry about yourself when you can’t see what is in front of you with your glasses, think how adorable you look to him.

17. Giving up sleep for him

It can be hard to coordinate your schedules at times especially if your shifts don’t match. However, giving up a few hours of sleep for cuddling or listening to him will make him fall in love with you even more. Such cute little things will have a guy swooning all over you. It doesn’t even matter whether you are wearing an old t-shirt or a comfy PJ. Sacrificing your sleep to watch Netflix with him or even cuddling shows you value him and you are ready to do anything for him. That kind of reassurance is one of the small things that will keep the relationship going strong for a long time.

18. Being calm even when you have a heap of problems to deal with

Everyone faces challenges daily. Some problems will require immediate attention while others can afford to wait. However, no one likes a complainer. Being able to deal with whatever problems you have at hand while remaining calm is one of the qualities that will make guys find you irresistible. Remember that he is also your best friend other than being your lover. Thus, you don’t have a right to dump everything on him just because you are frustrated. You need to find out a way to handle the problems while also making sure your best friend isn’t suffering because you can’t keep your life together.

19. Playing video games with him

You may not know much about video games but if it is his thing you can offer to do it with him. Showing an interest in the sports he likes or other hobbies is one of those things that will get a guy obsessed with you to the point where he can’t get enough of you. It shows an open-mindedness where you are ready to support him and learn about his life. Find out what he is passionate about and try getting his point of view. It makes it even easier to hang out with him because you’ll have a common interest.

20. When you don’t wear makeup

Note that he will mind when you have a Netflix and chill date which ends up with your mascara all over his shirt but he’ll still be okay if you don’t have any makeup on. If he really loves you he won’t care whether your mascara is done right or whether you have any makeup on at all. It shows you have got comfortable around him to the point where you don’t think it is your looks that are keeping him.

However, be careful not to adopt his point of view when it comes to what you have to do with your body. If you like wearing makeup whether you are meeting a guy or not go ahead and do that. Don’t change the things you like about yourself just because he said he prefers girls who wear no makeup. Nobody should tell you what to do with your body.

21. When you wear his clothes

It has become a global joke how girls “borrow” their boyfriends’ hoodies never to return them. As much as guys may pretend to be bothered by that it is one of the cute things girls do that guys find irresistible. Thus, go ahead and wear his clothes. Waking up beside you when you are in his oversized t-shirt will make him smile and he may not even want to leave your side. The way they hang off you for being too big is inviting and it is one of the cute things girls do that guys love.

22. Offering to cook for them no matter how bad the food is

Times have changed and gone are the days where women were expected to know their way around the kitchen even before they learned the alphabet. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the skills. Learn how to cook something and offer to do it for him. It is the effort that counts. It’s even adorable when you try and fail miserably. You can order take out and laugh about it or make a dinner reservation. It is one of the things that bring couples together and definitely one of the cute things girls do that guys love.

23. When you know when, how and which buttons to push

Fights are normal among couples and the make up is even better. When a girl knows which buttons to push and when it can drive a guy crazy. If you have been wondering what boys like about girls this is at the top of the list. Guys can even tell when you are being difficult for no reason and some find it adorable. When you know the kind of buttons to push to get a certain reaction out of him it shows you actually know your man. It is one of the cute things girls do that boys find attractive.

The fact that the methods you are using to get him hot and bothered work is a great indicator you know what boys like about girls. Go ahead and use it to your advantage.

24. Looking at you fresh out of the shower

Stepping out of the shower with nothing on but a towel with your hair dripping will definitely turn him on. It is one of the attractive things girls do unknowingly that make guys go nuts. Making small talk while still wet and half-naked might have him forgetting everything else he had going on.  Some of them might not even be able to keep the conversation going because they will be thinking about all the things they want to do to you at that point.

25. Giving him a nickname

These aren’t the generic nicknames that have become a cliche. Come up with a unique nickname for him that only you know about. It can be from an experience you had together, a movie you watched with him or even from something silly he said. It will be more special if there is some history behind it that only the two of you know about. This is one of the attractive things girls do that make guys go insane about them.

26. Giving him “the look”

“The look” shouldn’t be a new thing to people who have been in relationships before or have observed how couples interact. You may have seen them in public exchange a certain look and the other person automatically knows what to do. It might be a signal for them to leave, laugh at something together or just an intimate gaze that leaves both of them smiling. This look is one of the cute things girls do that guys love and at that moment he will be ready to take you home just to be alone with you.

27. Taking food from his plate

Yeah, this is one of the cute things girls do guys can never have enough of. You may also be guilty of saying you are full only to eat what he ordered as soon as it is put before him. Thus, don’t feel shy picking fries or pieces of meat from his plate. He may look amused or pretend to be mad but he’s actually enjoying it. It shows that you trust him to be a provider and any guy will love that. If you have been doing this it is one of the cute things girls do that guys love and you shouldn’t stop.

28. Blushing

This is one of the most common cute things girls do that guys love. If he’s the reason why your cheeks are turning rosy you can be sure he will be satisfied with himself. Knowing that he can get under your skin in a good way will have him happy and looking forward to doing it more just to see your reaction


You should always be thinking about the little things you can do to show your love to your significant other. It will help you keep your passion alive. People tend to get comfortable with a routine when the honeymoon phase is over and that is how couples wake up and realize they are no longer happy with the person they thought will be in their life forever. Don’t let the cracks happen. These cute things girls do unintentionally are some of the reasons why guys stay in love for a long time. Thus, pick several to do every day to keep him wrapped around your small finger.