These 20 Cute Little Things Girls Do Are Unintentionally Sexy, According To Men

cute little things girls do
Written by Deborah Carbone

Apparently, some things we do completely absentmindedly can be very appealing to men. Even though we give no thought to it, the smallest of our gestures can look extremely sexy in their eyes.


    We couldn’t find an explanation to what is it that is so attractive about those gestures. But we did compile a list of these 20 cute little things girls do that are unintentionally sexy. 

    1. Flipping or playing with our hair. Especially when we’re just getting it out of the way in a messy knot while holding the pins in our mouth. Or tying it in a ponytail.
    2. Standing on the tips of our toes when we’re trying to reach the top shelf or anything higher than us.
    3. Squirming around while adjusting the skirt that rides up too high up our waist. Apparently, there is something about the swaying motion of our hips that makes it a sight to behold.
    4. The I-don’t-give-a-damn look we have around the house sometimes. Running around in our pajamas or baggy sweatpants, combined with messy hair is the cutest to them. Especially if we just rolled out of bed and might still be dragging the blanket with us, looking disoriented.
    5. Wearing their couple of sizes too big clothes. Especially when it comes to prancing around in their fancy button up shirts.
    6. Using our guys as a source of heat, whether we’re watching television together or getting comfortable in bed before falling asleep.
    7. Touching their exposed skin, completely unfocused on what we’re doing, while we’re sitting close to each other.
    8. Lightly touching their chest, or holding our open palm on top if it, while laying next to each other.
    9. Biting our lips while looking at them, preferably maintaining eye contact. Maybe tossing in that crooked smile. Thought I am pretty sure we know what it is that they like about this one, and more than sure this is not unintentional. (Wink, wink.)
    10. Looking at them pleadingly, with big, shiny eyes. How could they resist?
    11. Making sounds that resemble moaning in any way, especially when struggling to do something or move something heavy. It makes them wonder if any of those sounds are close to what we sound like in bed.
    12. Feeling flustered, embarrassed or extremely excited about something.
    13. Being annoyed or mad about something. My absolutely most hated sentence, and his favorite, is:”You’re so cute when you’re mad.” Which is bound to make me more mad.
    14. Playing with their hair or just running our fingers through it.
    15. Stretching out, and not in a sporty kind of way. Stretching, as in stretching our backs and arms after being in one position for too long.
    16. Looking up at them innocently when they’re standing in front of us. It makes them feel all protective and us looking harmless and naive.
    17. Getting in an angry, old sailor mood with swearing when we are mad about something. Especially if it’s not something we usually do.
    18. Giving them back scratches and back rubs. Even better if we keep our nails longer. Running our fingers through their hair with long nails can be even more desired.
    19. Sitting with our hands wrapped around our knees while they’re pulled close to our chest, paying close attention to what they’re saying.
    20. Being extremely passionate about something. Especially when we feel it’s not being done right or if there is a discussion about a topic we care about. Venting about it or starting off a rant is something they will find adorable and very attractive.

    These 20 Cute Little Things Girls Do Are Unintentionally Sexy, According To Men

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