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The Smallest Things You Do Are The Ones That Mean A World To Her

mean a world to her
Written by Aveline

Women love romantic gestures and well thought out plans and surprises. Then how can we claim she would value tiny gestures over big ones?

Because little things don’t need special events and dates to be done. Those little things are part of everyday life. And they are a proof that you think of her and her happiness every day, not just three days a year.

Also the effort required to do something that will showcase your love for her on a daily basis is greater, in the bigger scheme of things, then the one you would invest in planning two or three big gestures through a year.

So, making an effort every single day will be much more appreciated in the long run. These are some of those small things you do are the ones that mean a world to her.

Making an effort to remember names of the people that matter to her.

This might not seem like anything of importance. But once you show her you’ve made an effort to remember the names of those people, it will mean a great deal to her. It will tell her that you listen to her when she speaks and you memorize what she’s saying, not just things that involve you. It will show her that her words matter to you. And people she loves matter too, even if they have no importance for you. They are important for her and that is what counts.

Don’t be messy, tidy up after your self.

We can’t be mean and claim every man is like this, but don’t be a messy guy. Especially if you’re sharing a place or you spend all your time at her place.

Whatever the situation is, whether it’s your place, her place or shared, tidy up after yourself. And help her when she is doing it. Help make your surroundings a pleasant space to spend your time together. She will appreciate it very much.

Openly tell her about your feelings.

Here we are again, droning on about men and their inability to openly talk about what they feel. Even when they really love a woman. But there really is something here.

Women can be quite perceptive, but that doesn’t make us mind readers. Also, actions and behaviors can be really confusing and it’s easy to wrongly read signs as something else. So, instead of making your woman guess, just say it. Let her know without any doubt, if love is what you feel when you look at her. It will mean a world to her.

Don’t make her wait for your responses or a call back.

We’re not saying you have to do everything stuck to your phone just so she wouldn’t wait when she tries to contact you. But come on, be real, you know you are carrying that phone everywhere.

It doesn’t mean you have to respond to everything right away, but at least do it in some decent amount of time, where she won’t be waiting for too long. It will be a way to show her you can make time for her even when you’re the busiest. And nothing tells her she’s your priority like that does.

Watch together the things she likes.

Even if it means things you absolutely hate. We know it might seem like a real pain, but showing someone you love them is also about showing interest in their likes. It’s about participating in it at least once in a while.

You know she will adore you for it. And as an added plus, she will go see something you are really passionate about, in return.

If you can’t cook, learn it.

Women find men who know their way around a kitchen incredibly attractive. This doesn’t mean you have to become an international chef now. Just learn a few different recipes, something nice, so you can surprise her by making her a romantic dinner from time to time.

Give her body massages.

When she’s back home and her day was really tiring, help her relax a little. Or she doesn’t have to be tired at all. It’s a great gesture, either way.

I don’t see what guy wouldn’t like this. It’s one new reason to get closer physically. You will enjoy it, and she will love it.

Never stop going out on dates.

Even if you have been together for so long, it’s not a reason to stop dating. Dress up nicely and go have fun. Don’t let yourself be stuck in some boring routine. Give her a reason to look and feel extra beautiful from time to time.

Get her whatever you’re getting yourself.

If you’re out getting food or snacks, or just getting up to make some coffee, always remember her too. Even if she wasn’t hungry, it’s the thought that counts. She will love knowing you think about her needs, even when she’s not around.

Go with her when she wants to go shopping.

We know most of you hate being dragged around malls like that. But it’s not something you’ll be doing every day. If she’s going shopping and you know you won’t be doing anything better, anyways, go with her. You’re spending time with the person you love. You can survive running around inbetween racks of shoes and purses at least once a month.

And you can be sure it won’t go unnoticed that you decided to join her just to be with her, knowing she’s doing something you hate. Just don’t be moody while at it.

Let her have her space.

As great as attention is, everyone needs their alone time to unwind. You guys know you love your time you spend by yourself.

So why wouldn’t you make sure she has hers and she enjoys it. Especially if you remember it by yourself, without her having to say anything. Allow her to clear her mind doing something completely unimportant. Not only you show her your love that way, you’re also making sure your relationship stays healthy.


Again about something that has been said so many times. Men like to fix and solve things. So when your woman comes with a problem she wants to talk about, you jump into ”fixer” mode.

Don’t. Since all of us are aware of this trait you guys have by now, her seeing you hold it back and just listen to what she’s sharing because that’s what she needs, will make her appreciate you even more.

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