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Seduction: Is It State Of Mind Or Your Appearance?

Written by Naida

How do you feel after you have a date which is a complete disaster? Do you feel like that person didn’t accept you, or didn’t like you enough? Do you feel that it is always your fault?

It is important to look good in order to feel good. Perhaps you went out one day without makeup and there were so many people asking you if you are fine. You want to tell them to fuck off; they piss you off for their stupid questions.

Every day we feel like someone forces us to look good because it is imposed to us. When we were little, our parents dressed us and made our hairstyles look good, so that every person could tell how sweet we are. Everything is spinning around that girl whose look is a priority. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time to look good for others who pay attention to it, maybe you have problems already. You would rather choose to stay home and avoid people’s condemning glances. Simply, you are not one of those stylish girls and you find it annoying if someone expects you to be.

But, sometimes when you find the will to put on makeup and to wear some sexy dress, still you find like you are not attractive. Your fervor is lost and you couldn’t help but wonder – now what? You tried hard and you spent a lot of time to get yourself in order, yet it wasn’t good enough. It’s hard to realize that it doesn’t matter how you look, but it is about your mind and attitude. You can seduce someone only if you have a great state of mind and good attitude. Being able to seduce someone is the state of mind. A woman who has self-respect and who knows that she is attractive, she really is. She shines and she is bright.

It is not hard to spot a beautiful woman outside, because we are all beautiful in our way. But a woman with an attitude we see less often. Those women who have firm stance are very natural and nice.

There is tough way for a woman to acquire self-respect. Parents should teach you that you need to be strong and independent while you are still child. That way you will become aware of your worth, you will know what you should be proud of and what makes you a great person. When a woman enters in the room, people would notice her lips or her curves and that she is good looking. They can also notice how funny and smart she is. The point is, it is up to the woman. Through these two inconspicuous characteristics, you understand the size of your sexiness.

The saddest thing is when a man determines a woman with his desire. But it shouldn’t be that way. She has value no matter what a man thinks. She has value at least because she exists.

Nowadays appearance and aesthetics are something that most people appreciate. These are modern times and social networks have influence, more that we are aware. It is common thought that a good looking woman will have an easier and better life than the one who doesn’t pay attention to her looks so much. That is what social networks offer to us. That is lie and confusion. Having the ability to seduce someone is much more because you have self-respect. If you have knowledge, experience, if you are funny and you know how to have true joy, how can someone who is just good looking be better than you?

To sum the things up, there are two kinds of women. First group are women who are self-confident and who value themselves. If they have a good look, that is even better. Second group are those women who have their head down for many reasons. However, it has nothing to do with their appearance.

You are what you think of yourself, early in the morning, while you still don’t have makeup on your face.


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