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If He Has These 10 Qualities, He’s a Keeper and You Shouldn’t Let Him Go

he’s a keeper
Written by Karen Clark

He takes care of you

One of the most valuable feelings any guy can give you is safety. The real guy will not only love, but will also take care of you. Your well-being is crucial for him and he will do even the impossible to preserve it. For him, not everything is about sex—he takes care if you’ve eaten, if you are well dressed, and whether you came home safe. This is so because he doesn’t perceive you just as his girlfriend, he sees and loves you as a friend and as a person, as well. This man could never sleep tight without knowing everything is okay with you. He may also feel it’s his responsibility for you to be well taken care of, and that is one of the proofs he means it seriously with you. These men are rare today, so you should at least try and match his effort.

He can always make you smile

No matter how angry and pissed off you are at him, this guy can always make you smile. It doesn’t mean he is incapable of resolving conflicts in a healthy way nor does it mean he tries to pull his way out of an argument with humor. But, somehow, no matter what he does, you just can’t help yourself and can’t stay angry at him for too long. Besides, everything he says or does makes you laugh, or at least smile. Objectively, he is not that hilarious, but he manages to brighten your every day. And this is exactly what you need to contrast to this negativity that is all around us. You need someone who will always give you hope and who will share his optimism and positive energy with you. When you have a guy like this in your life, you will automatically feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence and will look at life in general in brighter light.

He is supportive

Two people in a relationship should be equal partners and they should be able to go through life shoulder to shoulder. If you happen to find a guy who will always have your back, no matter what, never let him go. It’s easy to find people to laugh and party with, but it’s hard to find someone who will stick by your side when times get hard. But the right guy will be with you through thick and thin. There is nothing you can do that will make him leave your side, he is there for you in good and bad times. And this is not a cliché—he doesn’t just say it, he really means it and proves it with his actions.

He doesn’t have a problem with expressing his emotions

Unfortunately, nowadays, it appears there is a competition between men to see who will show less emotions and interest. While men used to run to show women their affection and admiration, that is not the case anymore. But if your boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with expressing his emotions, that is definitely one of the signs he is a keeper. He isn’t afraid of the notion of exclusivity and he is sincere about his emotions. When you have a guy who is terrified of his feelings, that can make you feel unwanted and unloved. But, with the right guy, this is not the case. He isn’t cheesy or pathetic—the right guy gives you just the right amount of attention and affection you need.

He is a gentleman

If you happen to find a guy who is maybe perceived as old fashioned, consider yourself lucky. This guy is probably just being a gentleman, and sadly, this is not appreciated in today’s society. He is not ashamed of opening the door for you, kissing your hand, bringing you flowers, walking you to the doorstep, and respecting your boundaries. These men are rare and know the true value of love. They enjoy the courtship stage of the relationship so much, they continue with it even after things get serious. They don’t consider that their job is done, once you become theirs. In contrary, they think that this is only the start of their mission.

He is not selfish

The basis of every healthy and committed relationship is compromise. If one of the partners isn’t ready to meet the other one halfway, the relationship is destined to failure. One of the first things you have to run away from is selfishness. If your boyfriend is able to sometimes puts your needs in front of his, that is a good indicator that he is a keeper. This guy is not narcissistic and not everything must revolve around him. He understands that a relationship is not a one-way street and that it is a partnership that requires constant compromise. And his love towards you is so big that he is ready to make some sacrifices for the sake of you and your relationship.

He doesn’t play mind games

When it comes to the dating scene, everywhere you look, there are guys are playing hot and cold mind games. It can be interesting in the beginning, but later on, it becomes exhausting. If you happen to find a guy who is clear about his intentions towards you and doesn’t enjoy these meaningless mind games, be certain that this is someone you should hold on to. This guy shows that he is someone who knows what he wants and that he has enough self-esteem to go and get it. He knows his value and he doesn’t need you chasing him to boost his ego. Besides, what is more important, you will never have to wait anxiously for his phone call or text—he acts like he is here to stay from day one.

He is mature

When we are in high school and in your late teen years, we are all sometimes attracted to guys who have a Peter Pan syndrome. But, later on, you don’t need a boy, but a man. You don’t need someone who doesn’t think about the future. It’s nice to be with a guy who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest, but it’s also important to find someone who is emotionally and financially mature. If you are lucky enough to find a man in a full sense of that word, he is probably a serious individual who is ready for a committed relationship and you should try not to let him go.

He respects you

Although the number one thing we are looking for is love, it seems that many women often forget that respect is equally important. A man you are building your life with must respect you in all occasions. It is perfectly natural that you two fight from time to time, but it’s important he is respectful even then. If he considers your opinion of less importance and if he doesn’t know how to appreciate you, he is not someone for any type of serious relationship. On the other hand, a keeper is someone who is aware of your value and is always treating you right.

He makes you question all of your previous relationships

When a man you should stick with finally enters your life, he will show you what a healthy and productive relationship is all about. He will show you what it means to be loved unconditionally. And he will make you realize why all of your previous relationships didn’t work out. You will ask yourself why you allowed yourself to suffer because of so many wrong and toxic guys and why you ever gave them a chance to be in your life. When you meet this guy, you will finally know he is everything you deserve.

If he has these qualities, he’s a keeper and you shouldn’t let him go.

If He Has These 10 Qualities, He’s a Keeper and You Shouldn’t Let Him Go