I Need Consistency, Not Your Promises

i need consistency
Written by Aveline

I don’t need your empty words, they will never be enough for me. I want to see you try for me every day. The way I try for you.

I need to get a nice little message from you every day, not just when you remember we had plans. I need to know you think of me as much as I think of you. I need to know I am the first thought you have in the morning, the way you are to me. I want to know you care about how my day is going. I need you to actually care about hearing of it.

I need you to remember me every night before bed, just as often. I need to know I help you fall asleep, just like you help me.

I need you to make plans with me all the time. Not just when you have free time that you can’t use in any other way. I need to feel I am your first choice to spend time with. Not just an option when no one else is available.

I want you to pay attention to me. But I don’t want it out of being needy or insecure. I need it to be sure you feel the same things for me, that I feel for you. I need it to know you want to be with me just as much.

I need to see your honest acts of love all the time, not just when we are feeling good and happy. I need them when we are at our worst, most tired and beaten up. I want them when they’re most unexpected, because that’s when they make a world of difference. Because that’s when I can be sure they are real and you mean it.

I need you to always have my back. I need you to discuss important steps with me. I need you to be there, equally supportive when I am celebrating, as well as when I am hurt and disappointed.

I need you to keep your promises. I need you to be by my side when you said you would. I need to be able to not wonder and doubt if you will come through. To be able to go about my day without bad thoughts disturbing my trust in you. I need you to be my go-to thought when I need to calm down, not the reason for my upset in the first place.

I need you to cherish my heart and keep it safe, not leave it broken and hateful. I need reassurance that you will stay by my side, not abandon me at the first sign of trouble.

What I need from you is your consistency with all of the above. I need it because it is a sign I mean enough to you to never stop trying. It is a proof that you are serious about us and you will do anything to earn my trust. It means you are ready to build something with me, and you want it to last.

You showing me consistency with your actions, instead of only empty promises, is what will make me want to try more for you as well. It is the thing that will make me want to be a part of your life. The thing that will push me to be there for you, to be someone you can always count on.

Your consistency is something I need and want more than hearing your proclamations of love. I need it more than plain words, because words are easy. Saying ”I love you” is easy. But really loving means a lot of work and effort. It means making right decisions. It means making a choice every day. It means saying only things you mean, and owning up to words you do say.

So I need your consistency. I need it to be sure you will not open your eyes one day and decide you want to take it all back. I need it because it means I will not regret choosing you with every breath I draw.

I need consistency, not your promises, because that is the only thing that will help me to never question your loyalty to me and all the love you claim you have for me.

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