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I Can’t Resist Of Loving You And I Fear That Sometimes

loving you

If someone told me how I will feel about you, I wouldn’t believe. I swear I wouldn’t. Who could tell me that you are coming in my life? Would I trust that person? When you showed up in my life I didn’t really notice you, to be honest. It wasn’t your special entrance or my love at first sight. However, you attracted my attention and certainly I couldn’t see anyone but you. Interesting, isn’t it? I had no idea of how quick and easy you can get in my heart and surly I didn’t know that would even happen, when I first met you. I wasn’t sure if you are a person who wants the path to my heart.

At first, I was very insecure because I didn’t really know if I was ready to get into something big. Am I strong enough to handle that? Anyway, I tried.

Even though I was afraid of what you thought about all of that, if you found it good, or were you thinking to stay longer, like lifelong, in this. I was suspicious and there was mixed feelings of happiness and excitement and nervousness and insecurity. People are constantly convincing you of how the things turn out to be bad, when you think they are very good. In other words, it always comes out as the opposite of what we expect because our expectations are large. When you feel like you can say that you own something, no matter what it is, it always turns out to be different.

I never thought of you like I own you, or like you are someone I can get used to. There is no chance to know you fully, because you are able to surprise me every day. You have a specific view of the world; you look at me different like no other, you solve problems and situations with easiness.

I love to think about you, I love discovering you. We can sit for hours without getting bored of one another; we always have things to talk about. You are honest and you are not afraid to tell me when you have a problem with me. That is very good, because that way we are improving our relationship. I feel that you are by my side, no matter what decision I want to make about life or things. You are my true support and you know how to respect me, just as things and people in my narrow circle.

Because of this strong bond that we have, I am terrified sometimes. I give myself to you without hesitation. I feel so deeply in love with you.

Frankly, I never knew how much space my heart has until you came in my life, and now sometimes I fear that. As I said, many times it comes to my mind of how little I know you, so how could my heart open that much? Only thing I am sure about is when I think about the future. I see you and only you by my side, as my honest and loving partner. I am so vulnerable about calling you my forever person, I fear that.

Loving you, however, is really something so magnificent and nice. I feel so safe no matter how hard the times are sometimes. Your embrace and your understanding are completely enough for me, I don’t need to search for more happiness. I can talk to you, I can dream with you, I can laugh with you, I can cry with you, I am safe with you, I can trust you and lean on you. The thing I am sure about the most is that I was never this happy in my life before I met you.

Certainly I can’t predict the future, like no one in the world can. We don’t know where we will be and who with, but I truly hope that we will stay happy and together. If I could make that decision, I would choose you as my forever person because I am truly in love with you. It is not that scary after all.

I Can’t Resist Of Loving You And I Fear That Sometimes