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10 Ways I Used To Get a Girl to Fall in Love With Me

get a girl to fall in love
Written by Naida

We all want to fall in love. Love, the word we hear constantly and aspire to have but still so difficult to find. Making a girl fall in love with you isn’t that complicated if there is mutual attraction. Here are 10 ways I used to get a girl to fall in love with me, follow those and any girl will fall for you.

Take care of your presentation.

Showering and shaving should be on your to do list. The first thing anybody, not only a girl, will notice about you is your presentation. Clean hands and nails, white teeth, add a little bit of perfume (not too much) and here’s your first step.

Make the first move.

She’s been watching you all night; smiling at you. Instead of just looking at her too, maybe it is time to man up and go speak to that pretty girl. You may feel nervous but trust me, she is too. You need to get past that anxiety, if you don’t make the first move  there is only a tiny chance she will, but in most cases they don’t and you end up alone.

Don’t give up yet.

You made the first move but it’s not going as planned. She’s not going to be very nice at first and she will try to respond to your compliments in a cold way. It is totally normal, pretty girls get hit on a lot and they’re defending themselves by being cold. Don’t give up yet, try to see past this behavior. You have to convince her that you’re not like every other guy who just hit on her because they’re bored but that you are really interested in her.

Be nice to her female friends.

She is probably going to have an army of female friends who are going to scan your every move. Yes, they are going to check you out. They are only being good friends. Basically, they are here to judge your look, manners, and if you’re not good enough for their friend they are going to protect her. So be nice to them, too. Don’t underestimate their influence on her, and most of all, don’t ignore them. If she is out with her friends, she probably won’t end her night with you but at least ask her for her number.

Less is more.

Don’t be too easy to get and don’t try too hard. Be in the golden middle. If you try too hard you might become annoying to her and not interesting, and if you’re too easy to get there will be no challenge for her which is also not interesting for her. Find a balance.

Your first text is crucial.

Be different and creative. Your first text will determinate whether she’s going to go out with you or not. She and her army of friends are going to analyze all the details in your text. So if you text her: “Want to go out?” she probably won’t because your text doesn’t stand out from the others she gets. But if she does, make sure to rock the first date.

Rock the first date.

The first date determines if there is going to be a second and a third. My advice is if you really want to impress her, do something unusual but also not awkward. Going to the movies and going out on dinner is nice but is common and sometimes boring. Take her out to a place you really like, some place special. Bring some wine and chocolate and try to make her comfortable. Also, don’t wait to ask her, “When can I see you again?” This way you make it clear you’re into her.

Make love, do not just fuck her.

Wait until she is ready, and don’t push her otherwise you will make it clear that the only thing you are interested in is sex and you don’t care about her. Girls need to feel wanted and they also need to be cuddled. Make her feel comfortable in her body; don’t be afraid to go “down there.” Here’s another tip: bring condoms. This way you will show her you’re prepared and you’re thinking for the both of you.

Define your relationship.

What are we? Those three words can say a lot about your intentions towards her. If she is just a one night stand, you wouldn’t even ask her what you are. By asking this question you are subtly asking her to be your girlfriend and to make your relationship official.

Don’t back up when she shows you her flaws.

Nobody is perfect, you definitely aren’t and neither is she. Don’t run away the moment she show you her flaws, if you really like her you should find them adorable. She needs to feel comfortable with you and be able to not wear makeup all the time, not always be nice, and most of all she needs to be herself when she is around you.


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