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10 Signs You’ve Found That Special Someone

Written by Peggysue

Almost all of us are looking for someone who will be just the perfect for us. Someone who will be “the right one,” our soulmate, our special one. In our life maybe we had “potential” relationships and “potential” partners, but none of them were “the one.” But one day you will find that special someone, maybe you already did. So here are signs that you have found that special someone.

That special someone is ready to go out of their way to prove themselves worthy of your trust.

I am not talking about their password or their PIN number, because that would be too far. Here is the thing that the right one won’t be afraid of talking with you about everything. About their finances, whether you ask or not. That special someone won’t hide things from you, they will be honest. And for them won’t be the problem to talk about anything with you. You will be able to trust them, and also they will trust you.


The right one will be comfortable with their emotions.

Your special one will be able to talk about their emotions. They will be comfortable with love, sadness, anger, and even fear. And you will be so happy that you found a person who is comfortable with their emotions. Both of you will understand each other, and that is one of the most important things.


That special one will respect your needs as much as their own.

Relationship is the connection of two people, it needs two to be complete. Special one knows just how to support and respect your needs as much as their own.


Your special someone knows how to take care of themselves.

It is important to know how to love and take care of yourself. And your special person will love themselves first, because they know how much is that important. The right one will know how to take care of themselves, so this is a sign that your special one is a quality partner.


The right one will know how to listen.

Your special one will have the ability to listen you, and focus just on you when it is necessary. Communication is really important in the relationship, but the ability to listen is really important. It doesn’t matter what about you are going to talk, the right one will understand you and they will know to listen.


Special someone will pay attention to your signals.

No one can read minds, but the right one will know to read all your signals. That special someone will know to read your facial expression and your body language. And this is also a good sign that your right one is a quality partner. Paying attention is really important in the bed too. The right one will be able to understand your signal in the bedroom.


Your special person will be supportive.

When you find the right one, you will just know it. Because your special one will be there for you no matter what. The right one will love you even on your bad days. A special person will be your support, and you will know that they will be beside you even when the things get tough.


The right one will enjoy commitment.

Your special one will be happy with you, and they will love the way they are linked to you and no one else. This is a really good sign that you found a quality partner.


The special one will know how to make you laugh.

Your right one will know how to put smile on your face even when you are in bad mood. They will know how to make you laugh. When bad times come, they will be there for you, and they will be there to make you happy. Even on your really, really bad days they will find a way how to cheer you up. So you will know that you find a special one, because not everyone can make you laugh when you have a bad time.


That special someone will get along fine without you.

Your special someone will also have other people in their life, and they will be fine even on days when you are not around. But this is a good thing. Because you will know that they have life on their own, that they have their hobbies.

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