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9 Things Women Do On The First Date That Drive Men Crazy

women do on the first date
Written by Peggysue

When you are going on the first date you have two different feelings. The first one is that you are excited and the second one is that you feel a little nerve wracking. A guy and a girl are conscious because they worry how they will behave and what is the best way to connect and how to arrange a second date.

Everybody wants to have a nice breath because bad breath is a huge turn off. Second thing is that we don’t want to hold the other person for long. But these are not the only things. There are other things that women do on the first date that drive men crazy.

For a man this date is a disaster and he wants it to finish as quickly as it can. On the other hand, the woman maybe hasn’t noticed it at all.

If you avoid these things, you can make an attractive first impression and you made the chances bigger for the second date.

Talking about marriage on the first date.

You are going on your first date to get to know each other and to enjoy their presence. Things that may scare and reject a man from you are stories about long-term relationship and marriage.

For men it seems that women take things too fast in that relationship and this is not comfortable for them. Men are mostly afraid of this kind of commitment, and if you want a second date, don’t mention it.

Bore them with your work detail.

You are meeting face to face for the first time so don’t talk about something that could bore him. Everybody wants to hear exciting things from you and pretty sure you must have some. Don’t be tiresome.

The details from your occupation are boring unless you do some extra interesting things. Only if you are a talented storyteller and you can keep other person attention even if you talk about anything. It’s logical that you will mention your job when you two meet but keep things to a minimum.

A date is there to get to know you better as a person, not for some boring stories from your office.

Don’t use your phone while you are together.

In these modern days the use of electronics is high, but when you are on a date with your partner minimize it to the lowest. If you are on your phone while on a date, it looks like you are not interested in it. Both of you came there for some face to face talk.

Your date can feel uncared for and they have a right to be. If you say that you are active on social media, it will bother them anyway.

Not sharing the bill with him.

Not all men are same. Some of them will not like an idea of paying for all the expenses.

Concepts as chauvinism and such in men are becoming old fashioned fast. It’s your first date and it is expected from you to pitch in. The best way is to politely offer to split the bill or pay the tip.

You don’t put in any effort to keep the conversation going.

The main problem when you first meet each other face to face is what will you talk about and what topics to choose. It means that you need to put an effort in conversation and to not build a wall around your person. If you are shy, guys will get that, but if he tries very hard to make you comfortable and you make it hard for him, then he will stop trying and surrender.

Be prepared to have some topics in case that conversation dies and to avoid awkward silence. If you manage to keep conversation alive, you both will feel comfortable with each other.

Talking in baby voices.

This is the thing that you want to avoid on a first date. Save it for actual babies. Baby sounds include many cute sounds, but it will repel a man.

For you it seems like some cute action, but it is driving your man crazy. Men prefer when a girl’s voice is natural and sounds like a mature one, so don’t talk like a baby.

Finding faults in everything.

It is understandable that you want perfection but that doesn’t mean that you need to adjust everything to your high standards. If you find faults in every small thing, nobody will like you. If you are constantly doing it, everyone will keep a distance from you

You don’t notice his compliments.

If you are a shy person, it is okay, but if someone says some compliment to you, it is rude to not return it or to just say thank you. He will think that you are cold and that he is not attractive to you at all and he will feel uncomfortable.

Being overly controlling.

The relationship progresses if you understand the needs of your partner and do not interfere with it. If you try to be a decision-making person in relationship and if you try to dominate your partner, it will not end well. If you are an overly controlling person, it will drive the other person crazy.

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