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8 Things Your Relationship Should Start With If You Expect It To Work

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Written by Aveline

We all want to meet a great guy and make it work with him without too much hassle. But that is not as easy as you might desire. Especially if you’ve been single for some time after being in some rocky relationships and now you’re not really sure how to make anything work.

When you finally come across a guy that you think could be perfect for you, here are the things your relationship should start with if you expect it to work.

Clear and consistent communication.

It should be very easy and fluid between you and your potential mister ”right.” If you’re not feeling comfortable enough to talk anything and everything through with your partner, it’s not going to work.

Communication is the key, after all.

Complete honesty from the beginning.

Be honest about everything. About what you’re really like, what you expect from that relationship, and what are your life goals. Hiding anything and portraying yourself as someone you’re not in any way, will come back to you eventually. And then someone will get hurt. But probably both of you.

Be patient.

Do not rush the relationship. I understand that you’re tired of waiting and you just want it to get where you need it to be as soon as possible. But that’s not how it works and you know it.

It’s a process. You have to let it follow its own course if you want it to be stable and durable.

Live in each moment.

If you want it to work out, you need to get to know each other well on some deeper levels. It requires a lot of time and effort to get there.

It also requires you to be present in every moment you spend together. Otherwise, you might miss some important things you need to know and overlook the things that might be a warning signs.

You have to be emotionally prepared for what comes next.

Relationships are a lot of work and they can be real emotional roller coasters. If you’re not ready to deal with everything that a serious, or any kind of relationship can bring, it’s better you don’t start it at all.

Take care of the hurt you still might carry in you first. Otherwise, you will just end up hurting an undeserving someone whose only blame was falling for you.

You also have to be emotionally prepared in case it fails.

I know this might sound awfully pessimistic. But it doesn’t mean it’s not true. You still have to take care of yourself, and taking care of yourself means protecting your heart.

If you put too much hope in it, too early, you will just end up being hurt again. So by being ready for all kinds of outcomes, you’re making sure you will be able to soften the blow in case it doesn’t work out after all.

Make sure there’s no baggage.

Meaning, if you’re still not completely in the clear with your past relationships and you still carry leftover feelings, that will not end well.

Do not start anything serious with someone new until you’ve gotten over your exes and sorted out your feelings. You don’t want to hurt someone because you refused to be honest with yourself.

No playing games.

And no looking around anymore. If you feel the need to still ”scan” the guys you feel attracted to, maybe avoid getting into a serious relationship at all.

Otherwise, stop the games. If you’re serious about being with your partner, show it by shifting your focus on them for a change. Invest yourself and your time in that relationship. Because if you really want it to work, you can’t waste your energy on other, unimportant people and meaningless flings.

And you sure as hell won’t let those people disrespect that relationship by trying to approach you and interfere with it.


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