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8 Lies Most Men Will Use On First Date

lies most men will use
Written by Naida

When we first meet someone, we give our best to make a good impression. There are many different ways that people do in order to make someone like them. Usually it is about some expectations which are mostly higher than they turn out to be. Honesty is something that is desirable in any conversation, but does it really appear on your first date?

To be honest, sometimes it is good to keep quiet about things which you don’t feel you should reveal to a person that you just met. On the other hand, there are men, just like women, who lie obviously. The point is, if we are looking for something serious, we expect that person to be honest at the first date, to make a good impression.

Most men lie about some common things on a first date. It is not, though, a big lie with consequences, but something they lie about in order to make a better impression of themselves. Here are eight lies most men will use on a first date.

  • He lies about his money condition

If he wants to impress you, you could be surprised of how much he earns. He may tell you all about his traveling around the world or about his property status. I’m not sure why, but they really need to assure you how much they earn and other things you probably don’t want to hear. You may find him in debt a bit later.

  • He lies about his place

You probably want to ask him where does he live, but you hope that he would tell you that on his own. So you wait but he stays quiet about living situation. Why? Maybe because he lives with his family and he would embarrass himself if he tells you. Another possible situation is that he may live with his roommate and he is shy about it. However, until you ask, he won’t say a word.

  • He lies about other girls

If you have a first date with him, probably he didn’t break the contact with all women around him. Your thing is surely important, but perhaps he needs to make sure if he wants that and then he would stop texting other girls. Certainly, not every man does this.

  • He lies about his workout

Somehow he knows that handsome and good looking boys attract you, so he may talk about fitness and exercises more than you actually want. In other words, he doesn’t want to make an impression that he is lazy. Most girls like those guys who worry of their own health.

  • He lies about his relationships in the past

Maybe he was the one who is guilty for his last breakup. Perhaps someone hurt him or he was a cheater. However, most people won’t tell you that. Would you tell someone at a first date everything about your past? I doubt you would, except if you are or he is someone who is completely honest with one another.

  • He lies about his work

In order to make a good impression he would not completely lie, but he would distort the truth. Don’t judge him; he may be a very good person and he only wants to make you like him. Isn’t that sweet?

  • He lies about his devotion

As we said, there are many different kinds of men, but on the first date don’t expect him to bare himself completely. He may, though, tell you the whole truth you want to hear if he is determined with having a serious relationship with you. In other cases, he may be a very good player, so prepare yourself for possible options.

  • He lies about his actual plans

He may be insecure in his decision to date someone. Perhaps he doesn’t even know what he wants. However, he won’t tell that to you on your first date. If you feel like he called you just to have sex, it is up to you whether you want it or not.

Everyone is looking for something, so try to figure out what are you searching for. Also, try to find out his intentions and if he is worthy of your precious time. If it is not, don’t waste it in vain.


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