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7 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Loved

Written by Deborah Carbone

Seeing these romantic movies we’re bombarded with all the time, you’d think women are the only ones who need to hear public and heartfelt declarations of undying love.

It’s not that men really care about those grandiose gestures as much as women might. But they do love to feel special and appreciated as well. If your man is one of the good ones, why wouldn’t you make him feel the way those protagonists feel in every romantic movie ever?

Only, love in real life is not the way movies portray it. So here are seven good ways to make your man feel loved:

Give him a compliment.

Men like to hear how attractive, smart and great they are, just as much as we do. But we seem to be oblivious to that fact because everyone always presents men like they don’t care about those things. Like they don’t care about what people think about their looks.

But they do. They are not these super confident people who are unfazed by everything and everyone. They want to know they look good, smell great and their new haircut looks great on them.

So, next time you see him and think to yourself he looks so hot, that you’d rip everything off him, don’t keep it in. Tell him that, as well as how much you love his scent or how soft his lips are when he kisses you. He will love knowing how the woman he adores sees him.

Let him know how much you appreciate everything he does for you and the people you love.

Sadly, people tend to determine a guys value by his ability to earn. That is why they sometimes hold on to jobs that make them miserable because being a bread winner is ”supposed” to be a man’s role. And giving up that role to pursue something that would make them more happy seems embarassing for him. They want to be seen as capable to take care of you and your family.

So, if your man has a job like that and sticks to it even on days when he would rather run off and hide, show him your appreciation. Recognize the effort he invests and the pressure he withstands.

The same goes if he’s the one staying home with children. As we already mentioned how a man’s value is being measured by being the earner, staying home can be a hit to his self-esteem. Even if he loves being with children and he does it for your family.

Bottom line is, you have to make sure to acknowledge the effort and tell him how much you value what he does for you and the family you created together. Let him know you don’t take him for granted.

Keep things alive in the bedroom.

It’s not very probable that every man is this skilled, sexy beast in the bedroom. Of course you’re not going to expect anything like that. But the best sex is more about the feelings it ewokes, than about anything else.

It is about feeling connected on every possible level and knowing the feeling is mutual. So, try and make sure you two feel as much of that as possible. Showing your man you enjoy him even though you know he might not be the most skilled lover will make you both happier, not only him. Treat him like your sexual deity, and watch him do his best to make you feel equally good.

Don’t confuse this with owing your partner anything when it comes to your body. But making sure desire is always present between you and your partner is healthy and it will do good for your relationship.

Don’t give him attitude for enjoying alone time.

I know this might seem extremely hard, especially if you both work and don’t have a lot of time for each other as it is. But being apart for a bit is healthy and necessary for you and your partner equally. So you should not feel rejected for it, unless he uses up all of his free time to do other things, instead of setting aside some of it to spend together.

Being apart gives you time to grow as individuals, thus making you happier. And if both of you are happy as separate people, it will be easier to be happy in your relationship. Also, being apart and doing things each of you enjoy separately will give you more to talk about, which is hard if you always do everything together.

So next time he says he is off to play basketball with friends or go hiking on his own, don’t be angry at him. Kiss him and tell him to enjoy himself. That will certainly make him feel the support and appreciation you have for him.

Lay off the phone.

Unless it’s really an emergency, don’t carry your work home. And friends and everyone else can wait. When you’re spending time together, you have to actually pay attention to each other, not just be there physically.

Really look at your man and try to engage as much as possible. Be present in that time you’re sharing with each other. Don’t waste the precious moments with the man you love by staring at some screen.

Whatever you get for yourself, get some for him, also.

It is not about giving presents and spending money. It is about the message you send when you come back from a coffee shop and you not only got yourself coffee, but you got some for him too.

You are telling him you pay attention to his likes and needs, but you also show him you were thinking about him throughout your day. So whenever you go shopping, whether it’s for groceries or for fun, remember to pick something specifically for him.

It doesn’t have to be anything big, his favorite yoghurt or chocolate bar. A donut from a coffee shop, new t-shirt or a deodorant because you remembered his was almost empty. Making some hot chocolate? Make some for him, too. It’s all about showing him he is always there with you, in the back of your mind.

Maintain eye contact with him.

You would never think that something as sappy as gazing into each others eyes would be on a list of things men appreciate. But here it is. And I am not talking about those long, dreamy gazes from soap operas. Here, a moment is enough.

Catch him looking at you from across the room, look him in the eyes and smile playfully. It will be enough to spark a connection. Make him wonder what was it that went through your mind at that moment.

It will make him feel special just like it once did when you first met each other, while you were still in the phase of flirting. Just because you already ”caught” your partner, it’s not a reason to stop being playful and seductive with each other.

Whatever you do, never stop trying to win over your partner’s heart, even if it’s already yours. It is the best way to show your partner you still feel the same about him and you appreciate everything about him.