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10 Signs He Is Cheating On You

he is Cheating
Written by Selma

Your boyfriend has suddenly started acting weird and unusual and you are suspecting he’s unfaithful, but you are not sure if you are just overreacting and imaging things. Although every relationship and every affair are different and unique, there are some behavior characteristics most cheaters share. Here are 10 signs that can help you figure out whether he is cheating on you. When you look at these signs individually, they don’t have to necessarily mean much. But, if two or more of them are combined, it definitely should serve you as a warning.

He hides his phone

One of the first signs that your partner is having an affair is the way he handles his technology. We should all have some privacy despite being in a relationship, and it is perfectly acceptable if he doesn’t like you snooping around his phone and computer. But if he used to keep his phone where you can see it or use it and now he’s been too secretive about it, it is definitely an alarming sign. All of a sudden, he keeps his phone and computer locked with passwords and he carries it with him even to the bathroom. This can also mean he doesn’t want you to see his search history and the fact that he’s been chatting with someone else or that he has a dating app, but something is going on for sure.

He’s not displaying your relationship on social media

Putting photos and romantic captions on social media has never been a proof of true love and affection. Some people simply don’t enjoy sharing their privacy with the world, or even don’t have social media accounts. But if your boyfriend is obsessed with checking his social networks and you are nowhere to be found on them, you should probably worry. If you are in a long-term relationship, there should be some kind of social media trace that proves your existence in his life. If he’s only putting pictures of himself or him with his friends, he’s trying to present himself as a single man with no commitment in order to be more appealing and attractive to other women. He may be having an affair with a girl who doesn’t have a clue you exist. In the other hand, it’s also possible that he’s not cheating on you just yet, but this is a sign he’s definitely planning to.

He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family

If your boyfriend doesn’t want you to meet with important people around him in the initial stage of your relationship, that only means that he wants to be sure that two of you are serious before he does that. But if he continues with this behavior after your relationship has become exclusive and long-term, he may be hiding you from them. When you run into someone he knows, he never introduces you as his girlfriend and you wonder if anyone in his life even knows about you. This can mean that he has a steady girlfriend or is even married and that you are the mistress, without even knowing it.

He changes his routine

We all have our daily routines that we usually stick to, and so does your boyfriend. You have been together for so long that you can predict his behavior. But now, something has changed. He has new hobbies, interest, and friends. And you know very well that people don’t change without a reason. If he’s not cheating on you, there is definitely something else going on with him. And if he really is cheating, he needs extra time to meet with the other girl and has to be careful not to get caught in the same time. That can explain his sudden change in behavior and daily routines.

He doesn’t initiate sex

One of the first signs of cheating is reduced appetite for sex and intimacy. All of a sudden, you are the one who always initiate sex and when he agrees to sleep with you, you feel like he’s being forced. Of course, this doesn’t have to always be the proof of cheating. Maybe your boyfriend is just tired or sometimes not in the mood. But if his lack of desire for sex lasts for more than usual, it can be a sign of trouble. First of all, maybe he doesn’t have the same feelings for you anymore, so he doesn’t have the same need for intimacy with you, as he did before. Another possibility is that his sexual appetites are satisfied somewhere else, so he is tired when it’s time to please you. If he is having an affair, this is a new relationship for him, and therefore, everything, including sex, seems more interesting.

He changed his looks

It’s always nice when you have a partner who is self-conscious about his appearance. But your boyfriend literally didn’t care how he looks and what was he wearing. And all of a sudden, that changed. He started eating healthy, started going to the gym, and started paying attention of the way he is dressed. Although this can mean that he just wants to improve his looks, it can also be an alarming sign of him having an affair. When we first meet a new romantic partner, we tend to present ourselves in the best possible light. He is obviously in love and wants to look better for his new girlfriend and tries to impress her.

He works longer hours

Work is a number one excuse when it comes to cheating. Your boyfriend was always working hard to earn money, but was never a person who was too passionate about his job. If he started to work overtime too often and you don’t see a logical reason behind it, he may be lying to you. He just needs time to see with the girl he’s been cheating on you with, and what is the better excuse than telling you he has to stay longer at work? Another possibility is that the object of his interest is his co-worker and that is why he really works overtime, so he could be closer to her.

He spends more money than usual

Cheating is not cheap and it costs a lot of money. If your boyfriend is seeing someone besides you, he needs money to take her out or to pay for a hotel room. He was never secretive about his financial records in the past, but lately, you’ve noticed that he is spending more than usual and you don’t know where that money is going. Also, if he is cheating on you, he will try to hide his financial history, so you don’t see his untraceable and uncommon transactions.

He avoids being seen in public with you

If a man you’ve recently met only tries to meet with you at home or at night, he is probably hiding something. At first, you thought you were imagining things, but as time went on, you’ve realized he’s really avoiding being seen in public with you. Even if you two happen to be in a public place, he will do anything he can to not display any forms of affection towards you, so that everyone around you can perceive you as nothing more than friends. If this is a case with your boyfriend, it’s possible that he’s been having a parallel relationship or that you are the second woman, without even being aware of it.

Your intuition tells you so

Women tend to have a strong sense of intuition which rarely betrays them. Most women who have been cheated on in the past admit that they simply knew that something was going on even before they saw the first piece of evidence, but just refused to admit it. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong, it usually is.


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