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This Is The Man Of Every Lazy Girl’s Dreams

every lazy girl's dreams
Written by Aveline

I know being lazy isn’t a very commendable personality trait. But it’s not the I-never-lift-a-finger-in-my-life kind of laziness I’m talking about. Or never-cook-or-clean-or-groom-myself kind either.

I’m talking about those girls who feel no pressure to do everything right away. And who hate when someone is forcing them to do it. I’m talking about those girls who might tell you they don’t really feel like doing something half of the time and they’d prefer just rolling around, doing nothing. Because, why not?

Well, those girls want to be loved too. And since I feel like I can be classified as one of them, from time to time, I think I have a pretty good idea of what a girl like that would want out of a man of her dreams. And it’s pretty simple things. This is the man of every lazy girl’s dreams:

He can make us leave the house from time to time.

This just might be the introvert in me rearing her head, but most of the time I am perfectly fine with never leaving the house. So having someone that can actually make us go out and enjoy it, is priceless. Because, you know, going out on a date is nice.

He doesn’t mind staying in.

As I mentioned, we might feel like not doing whatever we agreed on earlier. Since we wouldn’t want the man of our dreams to be mad at us for it, being okay with staying in is preferable. Having a man who will be equally fine with nights out in a bar and staying in on a sofa, as long as it’s with us. Now, that’s a jackpot.

He’s a great pillow.

And we’re gonna use him as such. A lot. So it would be nice if he isn’t too skinny. I wanna be able to rest my head on my boyfriend anytime. Especially when it comes to snuggling up to each other, and I get to place my head on his chest. Heavenly!

He loves to cuddle.

Speaking of snuggling, we need a man that likes doing that without being forced or nagged into it. It’s the best part of rolling around on a sofa.

He doesn’t mind you borrowing his clothes.

Because there is nothing more comfortable than wearing his t-shirt and sweatpants. Especially when you can smell his perfume on it.

He will gladly listen to us vent.

Like when we have to use the stairs after walking the whole day. Or being forced to go out again after realizing we need to run another errand. So, we need a man who will be able to listen to all the venting and won’t be bothered or annoyed by it.

He is okay without always having a home cooked meal.

When we are too lazy to cook or even to think of an idea for a meal, he won’t mind take out. Or a microwave meal. Or maybe even cooking himself. But the best scenario is him coming home and bringing take out with him. Which means he not only doesn’t mind us not cooking, he was also thinking of us.

He helps keep the apartment clean.

Meaning, he will help us get rid of that god awful pile of dishes we were dreading. But he will do it when we feel ready to deal with it. In the meantime, he won’t bug us so much for not taking care of it.

He doesn’t have an issue with silence.

We just like to be quiet sometimes. Us and our thoughts. It would be nice to be with a guy who doesn’t mind that. A guy that doesn’t feel uncomfortable with those days we feel too lazy to even form a sentence.

He’s a night owl.

Like us. If he has a regular sleeping schedule like most people, it means a lot of lost time. The man of our dreams shares the same schedule with us, so we’re not up hours after he’s asleep and not sleeping hours after he’s up and seizing the day.

He doesn’t care about our looks.

For a regular day in, my favorite look is no makeup and my oldest, most comfortable sweatpants combined with one of my numerous oversized t-shirts with beer logos on them. So I’d prefer a man who is okay with me looking like that around the house, instead of being all dolled up as if I’m about to hit the club. I know I’d be happy to see him that comfortable around me.


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