The Strongest Girls Are The Girls Who Feel Insecure All The Time

girls who feel insecure
Written by Peggysue

A woman who is strong and independent maintains the highest of standards, because she knows how much she deserves. And she will never, ever settle for anything less than she thinks she can and she deserves. She doesn’t have the time or tolerance for those people who are disrespectful. Also, she doesn’t have the patience for those people who are just bringing her down. She is just doing great on her own, and she doesn’t have time for those who are just pretending that they are her friends. But the truth is that she is insecure all the time.

She found herself and she likes doing things on her own, because she knows that she is strong enough to fight against world. And she is not a hypocrite, she doesn’t have a problem to cut people from her life if they fail to meet her expectations. A woman who is strong and independent has the highest standards and she doesn’t tolerate failure.

When she was little she already knew that she was destined for big and great things. All time she is productive, because she just can’t sit and spend her day doing nothing. And she knows that there are so many problems in the world, and because she knows it, there is always something she is doing. She knows that she can reach the stars, and she actually hates herself when she spends all day in her room doing nothing.

No matter what she already did, she never stops trying and pushing herself further. There is always something that she can do, and she always wants more. Because she knows that she can do more, that she is capable for more.

But the truth is that she is insecure. There is so much things that she hasn’t reached yet. Of course she believes in herself and in her potential, but all those things that she hasn’t reached yet are making her insecure. And she knows that she will succeed, but she just wants to see more progress.

No one see her fear and how terrified she is. No one know how much she is struggling to stay strong and independent. Because she looks like her life is just perfect and that everything is going great. But the truth is that she needs support from her friends. She needs to hear from them how much she is talented and successful. All her friends stay quiet, and she is screaming inside for their encouragement.

Maybe she looks like wonder woman, but actually she is just a human being. Like all of us she also needs support, she needs friends, and she needs love. She doesn’t want to admit it, but one reason why she is insecure are those friends. And all friends that she keeps close really matter to her, no matter what.

Also, she is doing her best to make other people happy, she wants to give them everything. Of course, she can’t control their lives, but at least she tries to make them better people. And she really wants to make her parents happy and proud. So all of this drains her. Taking care of herself is hard, but taking care of her friends and family is even harder. Sometimes she wonders how she is surviving all of that. But she doesn’t give up, she keep fighting. And no matter how hard it all is, every day she finds strength to keep going. Because she is not the type to give up.

The strongest girls are the girls who feel insecure all the time. And she is one of them. But her insecurities never stop her. All that is sometimes tearing her apart, she ignores. And there is no need to blame her for her high standards and her insecurities, because she is not going to stop no matter what. She won’t stop until she reaches all her ideas and wishes. That is who she is, and there is no reason to blame her for that.

Sometimes there is a time when this strong and independent girl is not sure about her choices, but she finds a way to continue with her way of life. She is a great friend, she will make everything to make others happy, even if she needs to sacrifice her own happiness.


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