Although modern dating can often seem exhausting and meaningless, at the same time, it gives you a great opportunity to meet a different spectrum of people which you would never have the chance to meet in other circumstances. This helps you get a better perspective of what it is that you want from relationships and from life in general. But, it also gives you a better insight of the things and people you don’t want in it.

Despite the fact that we all have different tastes in men and that there is no universal recipe for the perfect one, or for a happy relationship, my dating experience taught me that there are some types of men you should never fall in love with and who you should avoid. Here are some of them:

The immature guy

This is a type of guy who will never become a mature man and will always remain a boy, and that is the last thing you need in life. No matter how much you try to bring him to his senses, this guy simply refuses to grow up. Although these guys can be incredibly charming and fun to be around and therefore, seem attractive and desirable for most girls in the beginning. But, after a short time, they show their true face and you see that they are too immature for a serious, committed relationship. Besides, immature guys usually have mommy issues, and sometimes that is the reason behind their immaturity. These are the guys who can’t make a decision in their life without consulting their mothers. They are incapable of thinking on their own or for taking responsibilities for their actions. If you get involved with this guy, expect you’ll have to take care of him as if he were a child. This guy is great for a casual fling, but you should never allow yourself to fall in love with him. He will never be mature and is not relationship material.

The selfish one

One of the types of men you should always avoid are the selfish ones. A relationship is a two way street and a guy who is too self-centered can never make you happy. Don’t expect a healthy relationship with this kind of man. This guy will always love himself more and will put his needs before yours. He won’t care about your emotions. These guys are self-centered, manipulative, and narcissistic. He is never ready for compromise and for a relationship to be truly successful, both partners must be willing to meet each other halfway. When you fall in love with a selfish guy, he will always only look after his needs and himself in general. If you get yourself involved in a relationship with him, you will never feel like an equal partner in it, because he will demand that everything revolves around him.

The one afraid of commitment

One of the worst types of men you could allow yourself to fall in love with are the ones who are manically afraid of commitment. In order for a relationship to work, both partners must be willing to commit and be serious about it. If a guy is not clear about his emotions and is terrified of expressing them in the beginning, he will probably never be ready to give himself completely to you. You need to accept the fact that some people are simply emotionally unavailable and will remain like that, no matter how much you try to heal them. Men who are afraid of commitment might love you back, but they will never be capable of having a stable, long-term relationship. If you fall in love with this kind of guy, you will only end up getting hurt sooner or later, so it’s better to avoid them from the start.

The emotional manipulator

Although they are usually hard to detect, emotional manipulators are one of the most devastating type of men you could fall in love with. An emotional manipulator will have a life-long impact on your mental health and on your self-esteem. They are skilled liars and actors, so it can be very easy for a woman to fall for them. In the beginning, an emotional manipulator will present himself to you as the most perfect man that has ever crossed your path, and you will think you are lucky you’ve met him. When you finally discover his true face, you are probably already head over heels and you will need a lot of time, effort, patience, and energy to come out of that destructive relationship. Emotional manipulators know exactly what it is that you need to hear, because you are not their first victim. They will make you feel special and unique, but actually they don’t perceive you as an individual person—they only see you as a tool of getting the emotional satisfaction they need. They are emotional vampires that suck out all of your positive energy and leave you drained and exhausted. Be careful and check for the signs of emotional manipulation before you get yourself involved with a guy—if he seems too good to be true, he probably is.

The player

Although this should be common sense and shouldn’t even be brought up, unfortunately, many women still need to be constantly reminded not to go after players. You’ve seen him treat other girls poorly and you know the emotional wreckage he leaves behind, so why would you think it will be different with you? When women are attracted to players, it’s their subconscious way of proving themselves and the world they are special. A player is a guy who has a reputation of being with multiple girls at the same time, cheating on them, and is known as someone incapable of settling down. But many women think that he just needs to be saved and they are the ones who will change him. In order to avoid falling for a player, it’s crucial for you to understand that some men will always be polygamous, and if they ever decide to change, a desire for that change has to come from inside them and you cannot impact it. So instead of wasting your life waiting for someone to come to his senses, look for a guy who deserves you.