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How To Stop Being A Jealous Girlfriend

Written by Chloe M.

When you’re anxious as a person, it’s easy to let jealousy get in the way of your relationship. All you want to do is love your partner to the full, but jealousy can be misinterpreted as mistrust, and that can create a rift between you. You’ve tried to leave your jealousy behind, but you know you have issues with trust. It’s not necessarily that you don’t trust your partner – it’s that you don’t trust other people and what they might do. However, it’s time you got over your fears. Here’s how to stop being a jealous girlfriend, even when it’s your natural instinct.

Switch off your phone when your partner is out

Your phone is a minefield for jealousy. When your partner is out, if you find yourself checking for messages, or to see what he’s up to via Snapchat and Facebook, then you need to disconnect for a while. You end up torturing yourself with things that aren’t significant, and you’ll never get anywhere when you can’t handle being away from your partner for five minutes. The more trust you put in them, the less likely they are to withdraw from you and look for attention elsewhere. Stop making it into something it’s not, and let them go about their life.

Communicate your fears

If you’re scared of being cheated on, let your partner know your feelings, and why you feel the way that you do. If you’ve had past bad experiences, sharing them with your partner will help them understand why you’re so guarded. If you’re learning how to stop being a jealous girlfriend, they can learn to have more sympathy and understanding. A relationship is always a learning curve and a compromise, so if you’re both attempting to make healthy changes in your relationship, you’ll both emerge better people and partners.

Meet your significant other’s friends

Getting to know the people who are important to your partner is vital. You will start to feel like more of a part of your significant other’s life, and by knowing their friends, you know there’s no threat there. Falsely accusing a friend of being flirtatious or problematic looks ridiculous if you don’t have any grounds to base your accusations on. Not only will you feel more comfortable once you know your partners friends, but you’ll also be able to tell if you have any reason for your suspicions.

Deactivate any ‘stalking’ devices

If you’re constantly watching your partner on Snapchat maps, it’s time to deactivate the ability to stalk them. It’s unhealthy in a relationship to do such things, and a better approach is just to ask where your partner is going. You don’t need to know where they are at all times, but if they don’t mind telling you, then that’s fine. Just don’t let it take over your life – you’ll regret it if it harms your relationship.

Focus on your own issues

If you’re an overly jealous partner, then it’s time to consider that you might the problem that’s causing a rift in your relationship. Take a look at yourself and think about what you’d like to change to make things better for you. Once you decide to make a change, your partner will support you in moving forwards, and your relationship will strengthen.

How to stop being a jealous girlfriend: recognise that it takes time

You won’t be able to change overnight. Your anxieties are rooted deep and those take time to heal over. However, you’re going to get there eventually, so keep at it. Make sure you follow these steps to become a better partner, and you’ll master how to stop being a jealous girlfriend in no time.

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