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8 Reasons Why I’m In A Relationship With An Older Guy

relationship with an older guy
Written by Aveline

After being completely unsuccessful with guys my age or a couple of years older, I figured out I must be looking in the wrong place. I kept feeling misunderstood. Also, there were a lot of things in their behavior that kept telling me those men would never grow up and change.

Since it wasn’t unusual for me to have a crush on an older guy from time to time, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to try it. What is there to lose? And once I finally did test out the waters, I couldn’t stop wondering why in the world it took me so long!

Dating actual men, instead of wasting my time on boys, was such a relief. Here are my main reasons why I’m in a relationship with an older guy:

They are experienced and mind their manners.

They have already gone through a lot of life’s experiences. And they took their lessons from them, but they also figured out what they really want out of life and out of a relationship. They are mature enough to understand that certain things have to run their course and you can’t always get what you want. They will also have more understanding and patience for their partner, because they know you can’t rush anything.

That experience also shows when it comes to managing their savings, or actually having any savings to manage, they are careful, instead of wasteful.

They will carry themselves with confidence, and their well-mannered behavior will blow you away.

They are financially stable.

Don’t confuse this with being money hungry. When a woman is self-sufficient and can hold her own with what she earns, she wants an equally stable man. It would take a lot for me to settle for a guy that can’t take care of himself. Unless it’s a man who came to that situation along the way. No decent person would abandon a partner just because they’re in a tough position for the moment.

But bottom line is, if we come to the point of starting a family together, it will be simple with an older guy. When both of us are equally capable to provide financial support, getting a home and providing for future children is nothing to worry about. Especially if you’re a woman who prefers to stay home while children are growing up.

Older guys are mostly better with handling and satisfying women due to their experience.

This doesn’t have to be an absolute truth because everyone is different. Some men never learn, and some women don’t like the things others might like. But from my experience, older guys have had enough time to figure out what women like and want relationship-wise, as well as in bed.

They can understand women a little better and they are attuned to their partner’s wants and desires. Also, romance will be something that comes easier to them than it does to younger men.

Older guys usually look for a real relationship.

At that age they are usually done with playing around. They have seen whatever there was to see and experience, and nothing tempts them anymore. They feel it’s time to settle down in a stable and long-lasting relationship. And they will have no problem to commit to one partner once they find a woman suitable for them.

Older guys are refined and cultured.

They know what quality means when it comes to their style, food, or drinks. They are also aware that more money doesn’t mean better quality. Traveling with them will be a true discovery because they will not run after crowded, touristy attractions. They know how to find places that can offer you all the charms of the culture you’re trying to get acquainted with.

Experiencing it with them in some private, quiet corner will be among the best memories of your life.

Older guys know their way around the kitchen.

They have spent a good part of their lives taking care of themselves. That meant learning how to cook something more than eggs along the way. As much as I love cooking and prefer to do it myself, seeing a guy cook for us is something extremely attractive.

Some of the attraction it carries is in the fact that you know they don’t expect you to mother them. They can survive on their own, and you being out of the house for a day or longer doesn’t mean they will starve to death.

Older guys tend to choose healthier lifestyles.

Of course this doesn’t mean they don’t drink or smoke, or eat nothing but healthy, clean food. That would be an absurd claim. But they do know where their limits are and when to say they’ve had enough.

They will also choose one or two physical activities they really enjoy. Those activities will be their go-to choices to have some outdoor fun and exercise. And they will probably pull you in with them.

Older guys are done with partying.

I have dreaded loud and overcrowded parties, clubs, and bars since I can remember, so finally being with a person who doesn’t care about them either was such a relief. Spending nice evenings with my older guy, home or in some cute restaurant, talking about deeper things and topics that have bigger importance—that’s what wins me over.

So, next time before you resort to calling out a woman for dating someone older just because you don’t understand it and believe it’s out of interest, you might want to take a step back.

I’m not saying gold-diggers are not a thing. But most of us are women who got tired of immature men who couldn’t commit. That is why pairing up with an older guy is a match made in heaven for us. That’s where we find support and security. That’s where we are given everything we need for a fulfilling relationship.

The point is, people might not understand it even after knowing these things, but it doesn’t really matter. Some women are simply too forward and mature for guys their age to handle properly. One of them being myself, which is the reason why I am happily sticking to my older guy.


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