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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions And Find Out If Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For

if your relationship is worth fighting for
Written by Naida

It is common knowledge that you need to make an effort for any kind of a relationship. If you want to have a healthy and normal connection with your partner, you need to be a good person and to progress with each day that you two spend together. You need to love and trust and your partner should do exact the same. However, it does not matter if you are giving your best to be good, it might be not up to you.

It is hard to be objective when you think of your emotions.

It is, however, important to know when to end a relationship even though it is not always obvious.

When you start to think of ending your relationship, you often end up confused and indecisive. Is there any valuable sign which can reveal to you whether it is worth fighting for or it is time to let your partner go? It is not rare to feel unhappiness but stay insecure about your final decision. The thing is, while you can save your relationship or try to improve it, it is up to you. You need to decide if you are going to stay with your partner or you are about to end it forever.

So, how to be sure in your decision?

It is not easy, you need to admit. You have to weigh good and bad parts of your relationship. Here are three most important questions to find out if your relationship is worth fighting for.


The first thing which is very important is trying to reveal when  it went wrong. When you find an answer it would be much easier to decide if you are going to forgive and forget or if it is something that is unforgivable. If your boyfriend cheated on you or you cheated on him, is there any chance to get through it and past it? Are you two strong enough to forgive a betrayal? There is no one but the two of you who can make this decision. It all depends on how much effort are you willing to give for someone who may not deserve it.


I can tell you for sure, it is hard to maintain any relationship if you are not ready to take the responsibility for your acts or behavior. After you had a fight you will say to your friend that it is his or her fault. That is wrong. When a breakup happens it is because both of you are guilty. You can’t blame only your partner for everything bad that happens to you two.

It is the truth that your partner makes mistakes more than often but ask yourself if it is your fault at all. Of course it is. You need to be aware of your guilt as well, in order to save your relationship.


Love is taken for granted lately; people fall in love and out of it all the time. Love should be healthy and happy. If you are not sure in your decision about a breakup, try to find out if you are happy at all, for maintaining the relationship for that time that passed by. The thing is, if you don’t see it as a big thing, probably you don’t value it as much as you used to at the beginning.

However, if you see your relationship as a valuable connection to your partner, then don’t give up. If there is any flame in you or any feelings for your partner, then don’t let him or her go. Once in life, you will regret if you do.

The truth be told, breaking up with a partner or staying in a relationship with him or her is a decision that only you can make. No one should force you to do the thing you don’t want to do. Sum the things up and figure out if it is worth fighting for or you should let it go.


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