Everyone gets a little jealous at times. A little jealousy can be healthy and keep the pair of you interested in one another during your relationship. However, when it gets out of hand, it’ll cause all kinds of problems, and nobody wants that. If you want to know how to stop jealousy in a relationship before it even forms, follows these simple steps for success.

Question where your jealous feeling is coming from

Is there a reason behind your jealousy? If so, is it something you’ve ever discussed out loud with your partner? Maybe it’s time to consider bringing up your insecurities. Tell your partner about the person who let you down in the past, or the person who stabbed you in the back. Once they understand, they will see that you’re not being clingy or unreasonable – you just want to feel safe and loved in your relationship, and that shouldn’t be too much to ask for. 

Write down the feelings you can’t say aloud

Sometimes, there are some thoughts that feel too crazy to address with another person, but you still need to get them out of your system. If you want to know how to stop jealousy in a relationship before it’s fully formed, tell your woes to a piece of paper. Writing down where your mind wanders allows you not only to get out the bad feelings, but also start to understand the inner workings of your mind. You’d be surprised what hides in dark corners of your brain. You can even keep a journal of all these thoughts if you find yourself struggling a lot, and then you have some place to look back on how you’ve improved over the past few weeks, months or even years. It’s almost like a diary of your self-improvement, and it’ll make you feel good when you see a positive change.

Find methods to tackle insecurity

If you do find yourself feeling insecure, figure out what makes those bad feelings go away. Is it spending some special time with your partner? Is it going out with friends to take your mind off your worries? Is it keeping a journal, or having a discussion with someone about what’s on your mind? Whatever your tactic, use it to fend off your anxiety and keep yourself in check. You’ll feel better when you have a battle plan at hand for when things go a little off the path.

Question your mindset

Are you seeing problems where there are none? When someone has hurt you in a previous relationship, it’s easy to give in to bad feelings and start to create issues that aren’t there. It’s not really your fault, and it can be fixed, but it’ll make it difficult for you to be in a relationship if you don’t attempt to fix it. Search for the root of a problem and start digging it out. Once it’s gone, you can begin to heal.

Learn how to stop jealousy in a relationship before it starts

You need to know how to stop jealousy, but also how to see the signs when it’s coming your way. Become in tune with your own body and start to recognise the physical symptoms of jealousy. Are you angry out of nowhere? Are you anxious about where your relationship could be headed? Find the issue and then flatten them before they grow. Seek out your partner to help you deal with a troubled thought, and utilize your friends to whisk away your doubts. When jealousy rears its ugly head, just be ready for it, and you’ll never be overwhelmed by the negativity that comes with it.