In our generation, texting is the basically a fundamental part of dating. Before they used letters, now we use text messages, emails, messenger, and other apps. The way we text says a lot about us, same goes for guys. The way he texts can tell you a lot about what he is expecting from your relationship. Here are some ways of texting you should pay attention to.

He takes hours to respond to you.

Nowadays, we all carry our phones with us all the time and almost everywhere. Even in the toilet. So if a guy cannot take a minute just to answer you, imagine how it is going to be once you are a couple.

He often answers you with “okay.”

Like, seriously? Does it really take that much effort to elaborate a better answer? If he can’t even write you a full sentence, how can he do anything more?

You always text first.

This shows that you are way more into him than he is into you. Before texting him, wait. Wait to see if he is going to make the first move towards you, if he doesn’t do anything, don’t waste your time. He is not worthy.

He prefers to send dick pics than to have a grown up conversation.

He’d rather talk about sex than get to know you. This kind of guy is only looking for sex and nothing else. If you want love, you are clearly at the wrong address.

Seen at 16:38.

Every girl does that. You check when he has seen your message and when was the last time he was online. Don’t lie to me, we all do that. And what is more frustrating than a “seen” and “last online a minute ago”? For myself, I really don’t know what pisses me off the most. He’s seen your message, he is online, and he doesn’t respond? And you lock your phone, then unlock, over and over until he responds. And when he does respond, he doesn’t even apologize for making you waiting. Hmm, thanks, but I pass.

Can you please call me?

Like a phone call is going to cost him a fortune. He is freaking doing some economy on you, what’s next? Are you going to pay for all the drinks? Hmm, no, definitely no.

He uses way too many emojis.

Yes, emojis are cute, gifs too. But when your conversation is turning into a children’s book you might start to ask yourself whether he has anything to actually say.

He spends his time on the phone when he is with you.

So, let me get this clear, you take hours to answer me, but when we can speak in person I have to watch you texting? If he is interested in you, he won’t even look at his phone.

Texting is okay, but texting forever is not really the dream.

You met, you started to text and everything is doing just fine. And you text, and you text, and that’s it. Texting is a start not the entire thing. You are supposed to go out; if he doesn’t ask you, he might not be interested in a relationship.

He doesn’t even bother to ask about your day.

A conversation is about two people sharing their experience. If you like him, you will ask him how his day went, and he will probably tell you, but he won’t ask back. Everything is about him. If he cared just a little, he would ask. Be careful, he might be an egocentric jerk.

Your conversation looks like a police interview.

You keep asking questions and questions so the conversation keeps going. He just keeps answering without bothering to entertain the conversation. He doesn’t even say goodbye, he just goes offline. Maybe he will come back hours later and text you. He is not doing this because is interested; he is doing this because he is bored.

If you cross paths with that kind of guy, don’t waste your time. He is only texting with you because he has no other thing to do. If texting is such a trouble to him he is going to be a lousy boyfriend.