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Things You Learned In 2017 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

learned in 2017
Written by Naida


They put others first

Libras like to please everybody; they are constantly doing favors for others. They never say no, and they are putting everyone’s needs before yours. Libras just can’t help it; they don’t know how to put themselves first. It’s nice to have them as friends, but this behavior isn’t really good for them. Libras don’t know what they want, so they prefer to do what other people ask them to do.

Libras are spiritual, they believe in faith and karma and that everything is as it is supposed to be. But sometimes you have to challenge destiny. By putting other first they are passing by great opportunities.

This year, they finally learned that they only live once and that they have to fight for what they want. Libras also learned that they are the only one that can shape their future. There is nothing wrong by putting yourself first, you still can be a good friend, people will still love you, and if they don’t, well, they weren’t your friends at all.


Nothing is enough until it’s gone

Scorpios have goals and they are ready to do anything to achieve them. They always want more and more. But sometimes, on the way to success, they forgot about what they already have. By constantly dreaming bigger, they have the tendency to underestimate the reality. For them, life is a game and they have to win.

Scorpios are hard to please and this behavior can make their entourage feel uncomfortable or not good enough. Remember, nobody will tolerate this forever. They have to lower a bit their standards and stop pushing people away. People can have a little something and be happy and the other hands have it all and still not feel satisfied.

Scorpios learned in 2017 that it’s not about what you have, it’s about how you appreciate it.


Keeping their promises

Sagittarius is living in the moment, they say yes to everything just so they don’t miss out. They overbook themselves but cannot keep up with the rhythm. Sagittarius will say yes but won’t show up because they already agreed to something else.

They are not bad people; they don’t mean to let you down. Even if it’s annoying and pisses people off, however, people can’t stay mad at them. But on the long-term, people will get tired of this habit and will stop inviting them because they will assume that they won’t come.

They don’t have to say yes to every invite, but when they do it would be nice if they show up.

This year, Sagittarius put themselves in the others position. Waiting for someone so that at the end they don’t even show isn’t funny at all. Sagittarius learned that when someone wastes your time, it usually means they don’t even respect you.


Letting it go

Capricorns are the symbol of liability and time. They usually succeed in everything they undertake. Capricorns put a lot of effort and time in what they want to achieve. Simply, they are hard workers. They often can accept the fact that something can’t be a success and they try to fix things which are a good thing professionally, but emotionally it’s not that simple.

Relationships sometimes work and sometimes don’t. You can put every effort in your relationship so that it works but sometimes it’s just not enough. You can’t make people fall in love with you. For Capricorns who are used to being rewarded for their hard work, it is very hard to understand that you can’t always succeed. Especially when it comes to love.

This year, they learned how to let go of what is out of their hands.


Take initiatives

Aquarius people are living in a bubble, which is not bad for them. But people around them might feel excluded. They have a big imagination and they often get lost in it. But the majority of their ideas won’t lead to something concrete.

When you exchange ideas with them, you have the feeling that they are going to take place in the next minute. But when you mention those ideas, the next day you realize that they’re not going to happen. It is because Aquarius don’t like to plan their life ahead they want to live in the moment not to plan it. Their lack of initiative can be frustrating sometimes.

By doing this, they have the tendency to make people in their life feel unwanted unconsciously. People need concrete, and the only thing Aquarius people are giving is something very vast.

This year, they acknowledge the importance of making plans. At least they are trying to take initiative a little bit more.


Facing their problems

Pisces are creative and can’t stand critics. They rarely face their problem instead they just take off. The problem is you cannot just ignore your problems. Pisces will steak around while everything is fine, and the moment it starts to deteriorate a little, they’re gone.

The thing is you can’t just run away, problems don’t disappear. At some point they will come back at you and explode in your face.

This year, they learned to face the problem and they are still trying to figure it out, which is a start. They might not be able to fix it, but at least they are not ignoring their issues.


Self-control is the key

Aries have a temper. They are passionate and powerful. Their standards are very high as well as their hopes. Everything needs to be perfect. They don’t like to work in groups because their communication skills are low.

Aries tends to argue a lot and they have to win the argument at all cost. They need to be in charge and dominant. By always wanting to be right they are pushing people away and slowly excluding themselves.

This year, they learned that they cannot always be right and that communication is the key to improving themselves. Controlling their temper will help them establishe a better social life.


Accepting people as they are

Taurus are loyal, they don’t quit or walk away. Taurus are true friends, they will always give you advice and help you. They will try to save everybody even if nobody is asking for help.

You can’t force someone to act the way you want, do the things you think are right. People change only if they want to. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

This year, they learned how to accept people the way they are and they started to focus their efforts on themselves.


Being true to themselves

Gemini is very hesitating, always double questioning everything, even themselves. They are afraid to face the truth, so they lie instead. Gemini is somehow avoiding the reality. They constantly change opinions.

They have a split personality and sometimes you are speaking to one personality and sometimes with the other. Having a split personality doesn’t allow you to exactly know what you want or even what’s true.

A comforting lie is way worse than the hurtful truth, only Gemini doesn’t want to hurt you, so they lie and avoid the truth.

This year they learned that lying to protect someone is as hurtful as the truth. They learned that being a liar makes them not trustworthy and it can only push people away from them.


Be confident

Cancers are the most sensitive people. They would die for you. And they die a little when you hurt them. They are simply oversensitive. Cancers just take everything literally, and when you don’t respond to their feelings as intensively as they do, they have the tendency to write you off.

For cancers it’s all in or nothing. There is no middle for them so they give up before they even start because they are assuming that it won’t be enough. Not everything needs to be serious.

Cancers need to stop assuming and face the reality. Have some faith in yourself. Fight for what you love, otherwise opportunities will just fly away from you.

This year, Cancers learned that they need to believe in themselves and fight for what they love.


Pride is not everything

Leos are very proud; they enjoy being the center of attention. Everything as to be about them and they work hard for this to happen. While their intention might not be bad, for the people around them it can be exhausting. Humility is not a bad thing.

People might confuse their ambition with jealousy. The constant need to be better than everyone else will push people away from you. Try to chill a little.

This year, Leos learned how to share the spotlight. Not everything needs to be about them.


Making mistakes is okay.

Virgos are always questioning and criticizing themselves. For them, failure is not an option. Always pushing forwards to their maximum, Virgos are overachievers. But like the rest of us, they are only humans. They do make mistakes and overthink.

They need to understand that not everything in life will go as planned and that’s okay. By always planning ahead they seem to forget to live in the moment. Not always being in control of the situation is not always a bad thing and Virgos need to understand that.

This year they learned that they are going to make mistakes but that everything is going to be fine. They learn how to release the pressure.


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