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9 Signs That You Deserve More From Him

you deserve more
Written by Peggysue

You Deserve More.

Your partner doesn’t give you a sense of security after you open up to him.

You can talk about everything and you are always open to your partner. But you can’t say that they are open to you. All the time you don’t feel a sense of security from him. Actually, he doesn’t give you the honesty and consistency. Your life is an open book, but whenever it is about his life, he doesn’t talk about it at all. You deserve more.

All his friends and his family are shocked that you are still together.

His friends and family know that his relationships are not long. After some time he breaks up with all his girlfriends. All of them know you, and you met them. But they are actually really surprised because you two are still together, because they are not used to his long relationships. Darling, you deserve more than this.

When it comes to your life, he doesn’t share your enthusiasm for your personal successes.

Whenever something good happens in your life, you have the feeling like he is not happy for you. Actually, you can feel a little bit of jealousy. But whenever something good happen to him, you are jumping up and down with joy. And when it is about you, he actually never gives you any signs of enthusiasm.

He acts like your competitor and not like your teammate.

Whenever you do something amazing, he must show you that he is able to do the same thing, just much better than you. He is not happy or supportive of you, he just wants to be better than you. Actually, he wants all of the attention to be on him. And that is not right. You deserve more. Your partner should act like your teammate, not like your competitor.

You are the one who always give meaningful gifts, but you are never the recipient of any gifts.

There is no word about expensive gifts. It is actually word about little but meaningful gifts. In your relationship you are the only one who is giver, you actually take time and effort to make him happy. But he never does the same thing to you. Not even when is a special occasion. He just finds all that gifts really unnecessary, so he doesn’t waste his time on it at all. It is really selfish, and you deserve more.

He doesn’t make an effort to look good or presentable just for you.

You alway want to look best just for his eyes, and you are putting a lot effort in it. Actually, you are giving your best, because you know that physical attraction is also important. But when it is about him, he just doesn’t give a shit about it. He doesn’t make an effort to look good, that is not what interests him.

He is really quick when it is time to criticize you, but he doesn’t respond well to criticism.

One sided kind of criticism is not welcome in the relationship. But that is exactly what is he doing. He just enjoys to criticize you. Actually, he doesn’t choose the place or time, he just loves to criticize you. And he criticizes you in a very rude way. But whenever you have something to say, actually when you criticize him, he doesn’t respond well. He becomes upset and angry, he accuses you for lying and exaggeration. Like I said, in the relationship there is no room for one-sided criticism. You deserve more.

Only his pleasure in bed is important, not yours.

It is really unfair if he just cares about his pleasure when it is about your sex life. You put in the extra effort just to meet his needs, but he never does the same for you. Actually, he refuses to do the same for you, and again, it is really unfair. Your pleasure is important as much as his is.

All planning and preparation is on you, and he never bothered about it.

You are the only one who is mature in your relationship, and the only one who acts like an adult. You are trying to keep everything together, and he doesn’t look very interested. All planning and preparation is on you. You are the one who starts talking about future and future plans, and he is just there standing like he is not in a relationship. You don’t need it, you deserve more.

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