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Heartbreak Is Not What Scares Me

heartbreak is not what scares me
Written by Naida

There is no more energy to be scared of something. I don’t want to be afraid of having great feelings for someone or to open up to someone. Fear that you might say something that would insult other people, fear of falling down, of being hurt and many other fears. I don’t want to be shy when it comes to a situation where I could meet someone new in my life. Why should I act like I am someone who I am far away to become? I don’t feel like I need those people who require from me to adapt and act unnatural. I want to be able to reveal a real me when I want that. Everyone has complexities, yet we have need to hide those until it comes to a proper time or situation.

When you are little, your parents teach you to be careful with people. To watch out yourself. I want to feel free occasionally and to stop overthinking. I don’t want to question whether I am good or bad. And when I get into a love relationship, I don’t want to be that careful or cold. I want to fall in love so much it would hurt.

Is there anything as good as living a life completely? Can you compare intense love or passion with anything? As I mentioned, I don’t want to bother myself with worrying about the future and what it is like. I need to try to do something more spontaneous than I used to.

We often feel like we need to behave under some unwritten rules. In a relationship, though, we are so different. We need to adapt ourselves and to act naturally. Also, we shouldn’t be demanding or uninterested in our partners, but something in the middle. With every day that comes we need to be better people. Being in-between is something that we should do.


I want to give and freely give myself to someone and I am not afraid of it. If someone chooses to hurt me, I want to feel that and learn from that. There is no fear in me, but a wish to find someone who can I change for. I want to grow and learn from everyone around me. Maybe I am wrong but I need to prove myself on my own. Whatever I choose to do, I don’t want anyone to stop me. If someone chooses to break my heart, I can use it against the situation and keep moving forward with a lesson more valuable than any other. Heartbreak has serious connection with people’s deeper experience.

What I want to explain to you is that you need to know what you want and you need to want it badly. Chances show up only if you are searching for them. Don’t have great expectations because life is not a good movie. Instead, take everything opportunity that life offers to you and don’t lose time with unhealthy and toxic people and relationships. If you are happy and satisfied with your life, real love will show up so quickly. Then try to be open with your feelings no matter if they are too much to handle or they don’t exist at all.

I will be able to feel the real love at the moment when I reject the feeling of being afraid and when I get into a love with all my heart instead.

So I decided. I want to be crazy and do things without thinking. I want myself in all those great emotions and moments of happiness. For different kinds of great people even if I know that we might hurt each other. It does is not matter how fast I will get to know them or the fact that we might break each others’ hearts, yet I want to try. Because heartbreak is not what scares me.

Don’t ever lose the will to love. Only try to not scare yourself.

Be the one who takes his or her hand first. Kiss in public. Don’t stay perfect. Don’t lose yourself or let someone manipulate you. Give your heart to the one who really deserves it. Try to not settle for less than you deserve. You are a great person and you need to know it. Never let anyone be abusive. Open up yourself and love someone unconditionally.

Then, in the end, if someone chooses to break youm try to stand up again even stronger and better than you were before. Trust me; there is nothing better than rising up after someone tried to break you. And one more thing is important. Never stop loving. No matter what happened to you or me, we should never lose the love.


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