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Don’t Waste Your Time On Guy Who Treats You Like You’re Worthless

guy who treats you like you’re worthless
Written by Lauren Dover

I know exactly what it looks like when you think that you find the same guy from your imagination. He is just perfect, your soulmate, and you think that you finally find your “one.” Everything looks perfect, all your dreams are coming true. You are giving your best just to make him happy. You put him in first place, because you have a feeling that you love him more than you love yourself. Things are just amazing, and you are convinced that you are going to marry that guy. But what you don’t see and don’t know, is that you are blinded by love. You don’t see that you are giving your best to someone who actually doesn’t deserve you at all. You don’t see that he is treating you like you are worthless.

All your dreams you have before suddenly are falling apart. He is not giving an effort. Lately, he is very busy, he doesn’t have time for you. His responses on your messages take so long. It seem like you are waiting like hours for his message. Now you are questioning your thoughts, and you often find yourself overthinking things. He doesn’t look anymore like a guy you fell for, he looks absent and distant. You start wondering if you just made it all up in your head or is it really happening. And you keep wondering, but there is no answer, and it slowly starts to kill you.

At night you can’t sleep, you are just tossing and turning around. Things gets so complicated. He is confusing you, in one moment it looks like you are his whole world. But in the next one, it looks like you are not even a part of his life. You hope that this is just a phase that will pass. Nothing make sense anymore, you are so confused.  You are asking your friends for opinions, but all of them think the same thing you are afraid to say out loud.

But in one thing you are sure, if he likes you and if he is interested in you like you are in him, there wouldn’t be any confusion. Things are just getting more complicated. On social media it is even worse. He reads all your messages, but he doesn’t reply. He is online, but he is not answering when you are calling him. Don’t waste your time on guy who treat you like you’re worthless.

Darling, you need to remember, if he even for a second makes you question your worth, then he is not worth at all. If he keeps ignoring you, and you are giving your best, ask yourself do you need it. Do you deserve it all? Is he worth it to feel worthless, just because of him? I don’t think so. If he wants to leave, show him where the door is. If he is making you believe that he doesn’t deserve you, it is true probably. There is no need to play games with him, just quit all of it. I know it is not easy, but if because of him you are feeling worthless, he doesn’t deserve you.

I know that you don’t want to end your relationship, I know that you don’t want to let him go. But I can assure you until the end of the world that he is not a good guy. He is not the right one. When you find the right one, and you will, none of this would happen. You won’t question your worth. You won’t feel worthless. The right guy will be the right one in every possible way.

And if anyone makes you feel worthless, they are not sure of you. There is no need to waste your time with someone who wouldn’t spend their whole life with you. The right guy will be sure 100 percent that he wants to be with you until the end of time. And he definitely won’t make you feel worthless.

One day, the right guy will find his way to you, I promise you. And he will be worthy of you. He will cross your path, and you will know that he is the one. When he finds you, and when you find him, nothing else will matter. Your love will be the only thing that is important. So be patient, don’t give up on love because of some dumbass. You will realize that he wasn’t worthy of you. And one day you will laugh about all of the things that happened to you. When the right guy comes, you will know it. You will know it. So be patient.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Guy Who Treats You Like You’re Worthless