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7 Signs of Silent Domestic Abuse

silent domestic abuse
Written by Peggysue

Silent domestic abuse is real and it is happening every day, no matter how much we want to ignore it. All of us in one moment can be a victim without knowing it. When we are in love, it is really hard to see that our partner is abusing us. Or we are just not strong enough to walk away because we love them no matter what. and if you are wondering whether you are a victim, there can be a high chance that you might be. Only person that can help you is yourself. So here are some most common signs of silent domestic abuse.

When you are arguing with your partner, you are not upset, you are scared.

Almost all of us are upset when we are arguing with our partner. It is because we are angry so much, we are hurt, etc. But if you are not upset and you are scared, that is definitely not a healthy relationship. If you are scared that your partner might hit you, then it is the perfect time to think about leaving. No one deserves to be treated that way. Ask yourself if you really want to stay with someone who scares you.

You are afraid of your partner more than the situation you are in.

For every situation in your life, you fear your partner’s reaction. And it is always like that. You are just afraid how your partner will react, what he will say. In a healthy relationship you are supposed to feel safe. But you are just worrying all day what is going to happen next, and what your partner’s reaction will be. You are not thinking about you and about your life, you are concentrate on your partner and how not to piss him off. No one is more important than yourself. If you are stuck in this kind of relationship, maybe it is better to leave. This is a clear sign of silent domestic abuse.

There is no trust in your relationship.

If your partner is always accusing you for not trusting him and making you feel guilty because of that, that is also a form of abuse. If your partner violates your trust, that is definitely not a healthy relationship. Ask yourself if you deserve all of it and whether there is any future for you two.

You need your partner’s approval all the time for everything.

In every relationship it is common to respect your partner’s opinion and to value their opinion. But if in your relationship you and your partner are not equal, there might be something wrong. If you are needing your partner’s approval all the time and for everything, it is definitely not a healthy relationship. You are standing by the side while your great opportunities are passing by because you don’t want to make your partner angry and upset. You are grown up, and you don’t need anyone’s approval. And you are strong and smart, and you are the person who can do it on your own. There is no need for someone who is just destroying you in every possible way.

You have a feeling that you are crazy because of your partner.

Gaslighting is common when it is about abusing. If your partner is manipulating you and questioning your own sanity, it is time to leave. Your partner is able to lie to your face, but he still will convince you that he is right and that you are the crazy one. Who needs this in life? No one, no one deserves to be treated like this. If your partner is making you crazy and insecure, then why are you still with him? That is not a healthy relationship.

You feel cut off from your family and friends.

It is normal that almost all of us want to spend every single minute with our partner at the beginning, but later it wears off. But if your partner still wants for you to be there with him 24/7, that is unhealthy behavior. Instead of going out with your friends, you stay home with him. Instead of spending a night with your family, you stay with him. You are looking forward to spending some time with your friends and family, but you gave up at the last minute. Why? Ask yourself why you did it. Of course, it is because of your partner. You don’t want to make him angry and upset. And definitely you don’t need this in your life, start thinking about leaving.

When you are in a fight with your partner, you are looking for the nearest exit.

Every time when you are in a figh,t you are on the edge, and every time you are planning your escape route. If this is happening constantly, maybe it is a perfect time to look for that one final exit. You don’t need this in your life, you don’t deserve it. And you have every right to leave. No one deserves to be a victim of silent domestic abuse, neither do you.

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