Happiness is something we all strive for and are trying hard to achieve. One of the crucial aspects of our general life happiness is the level of satisfaction we feel in our romantic relationships. Of course, physical attraction and chemistry are important preconditions for every relationship, but those are rarely the things that a healthy partnership is based on. Some may think that love is all it takes for a relationship to work, but in order for you to think someone is your potential life partner, you two have to have much more. Although we would all like it to exist, there is no universal recipe for happiness in relationships and in life.

But there are some things that you should have and work on if you want a successful relationship. I am not saying it is easy for a relationship to work out—both of the partners have to invest a lot of patience, effort, hard work, and energy, but eventually it all pays off. Nobody is the same and every relationship is unique, but there are some qualities all happy couples have in common.

They are companions

A happy relationship is always more than a romantic partnership. It is also a companionship and a friendship. Happy couples share everything in life, including the bad things. In order for any relationship to work, there must exist compassion between the partners. If you don’t have an understanding and empathy in your relationship, you and your partner can never be happy. Happy couples always know what the other person is thinking and feeling and will do anything in their power to help them. When in a relationship, you should be connected on all levels and that is what true partnership is all about.

They meet halfway

One of the most important qualities of a successful relationship is compromise. If you want to build a healthy relationship, you must forget about being selfish. Your needs are never more important than your partner’s. Relationships are often everything but easy and demand a lot of sacrifice and giving up. But, if you want things to work out, you’ll have to accept the fact that not everything can always go your way and that there are situations in which you need to adapt and accommodate to your partner. Remember that there doesn’t exist a happy relationship without compromise.

They trust each other

Trust is an important foundation of every relationship, especially when it comes to romantic ones. No matter how much you love each other, if trust doesn’t exist in your relationship, it will never succeed. If you don’t trust your partner, what is the point of being together? Of course, trust is built—it doesn’t happen overnight, and it can easily be lost. But it is up to you and your significant other to be trustworthy and to put in an effort, so the other person never has a reason to doubt you.

They are intimate

One of the things all happy couples share is their sense of intimacy. Of course, if you want a healthy relationship, keeping an interesting sex life is an important part of it. But what happy couples know is that there are other numerous ways of being intimate and that true intimacy is much more than just sex. They enjoy little things and don’t allow themselves to get lost and be run over by the busy rhythm of life. Happy couples always find time for each other only, because they know intimacy keeps the relationship going.

They are optimistic

If you are trying to build a successful relationship, you have to believe it will be successful. Happy couples are aware that every relationship has its bad and good moments, but they don’t hold on to bad things. Instead, they focus on happy moments. What keeps them together is that they always choose to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. They know that building a relationship is a process that needs constant work, energy, and effort. But they never even think of backing out. No matter what happens and even if they get in a rough phase, they have faith in a better tomorrow, because they know their relationship is worth fighting for.