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10 Signs Your Love Is Actually Manipulation

your love is actually manipulation
Written by Lauren Dover

Manipulators are smart and sly. They know how to pretend to love and how to make it to looks like they care. Their manipulation is covered up with a sugar coating, so it looks like real love. You don’t know what is happening, and you already fell into his game of manipulation and abuse. They are really good in their pretending, and you can be one hundred percent sure that they love you. But it’s not what it looks like. Read carefully these signs because your love is actually manipulation.

His favorite excuse is, “But baby, I love you so much!”

When you get upset, because he did something wrong, he comes up with this excuse and actually makes you forget what happened. This can be a very tricky way of manipulation, so be careful. Don’t let him to cover his bullshit behavior with one “I love you.” You deserve more than that.

He just wants to take care of you, but in a creepy way.

For him taking care of you means keeping you locked at home while he is out somewhere. If you are sick, this can be understandable. But if you are constantly at home, because he is taking care of you as well, that is definitely something else. There is difference between caring and manipulation. So pay attention. You are maybe in one unhealthy relationship.

He can’t live without you, and you are his whole world.

There is no way that he can live without you. So he is constantly pressuring you to stay with him, even when you really want to leave. This is not healthy, and definitely not romantic. Darling, this is creepy. He is using every way just to keep you with him, and he literally can’t live without you. You can’t visit your family, or go out with your friends, because you have to stay with him. He wants to have you just for himself, and he wants to control you and your life. Don’t let him, just don’t let him.

There is lot of gifts you actually don’t need.

All of us love to be spoiled with gifts. But if your man is using gifts and small signs of affection as a weapon, then it is not love. He keeps buying you things you don’t need and you already have, clothes, makeup, etc. Maybe he just wants to change you into something you are not. So pay attention.

He tells you when it is time to go home because you had too many drinks.

You are having fun with your friends, and he is so worried about you. He thinks that is perfect time to go home, because if you keep drinking you will have a nasty hangover tomorrow. You know how much you can handle, no one needs to tell you when it is time to stop or to go home. You are having fun and he is not, so he is just jealous.

He is coming to see you, even when you are not in the mood to be with him.

You have so much work to do, and you have many obligations, but he flipped just because he had to see you. If he is not understanding that you have a life besides him, maybe you need to think about life without him.

He knows what is best for you, and you don’t.

Actually, he knows how much you should eat or drink. What you should wear, what you need to do. He just knows what is best for you and the right way you should live your life. You are allowed to do whatever you want. There is no need for someone to control your life. You are doing great without an advisor and guide.

You never go out alone, because he doesn’t trust other people.

Oh really? It is other people he doesn’t trust. So even when you need to spend some time with your friend, he has to be there with you. You can’t hang out alone, he has to come with you. Actually, there is nothing you can do without him. You don’t even have time for yourself, because he is always there. Maybe you should start thinking about leaving.

Flowers and gifts after arguments.

Every time you two argue, he brings you chocolate, flowers, etc. He knows that he made a mistake so he needs to be sure that you are not going to leave him. He screwed up things, then he becomes super sweet to make it all work out. But the truth is that he never did anything to change. And you are back in the circle of screwing up and making up for it.

If you love me, you will…

This is the favorite phrase of manipulators. When you don’t want to do something, he comes with these words, “If you love me, you will…” And every time you have to prove your love for everything. This can be really exhausting, and it is a true sign of manipulation. And definitely this is not healthy relationship. You don’t need it in your life, you definitely don’t.

10 Signs Your Love Is Actually Manipulation