All of us at some moment in our life avoid talking about some things, both men and women. But this time I am going to talk about things men never talk about.

How they feel.

As is known, women are the ones who always talk about their feelings. But we do not see so often the men who are talking about their feelings. They can talk with some close friends about how they feel, but it is so rare. All of them have the right to talk about feelings, they need to be vulnerable enough to put words into their feelings. Like women, they are also just human beings with feelings and emotions.

They do not talk about their significance.

As is known, men are deeply driven to feel significant. But it is not a problem to talk about that, actually it doesn’t have to be problem.

Sexual struggles.

For almost every man, they never talk about their sexual struggles, because it is really embarrassing to them. But they should definitely be able to talk with some close friends about their sexual struggles. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing that much.

Their dreams.

It is also just a little bit embarrassing for men to talk about their dreams. But I am sure that there is no reason to be embarrassed of your own dreams. So all of us are able to talk about dreams. Talking about dreams definitely should not be a taboo theme for men.

Their embarrassments.

Why is it a problem to put embarrassments into words? All of us have some embarrassments, so it is not that big deal. Stories about embarrassments are always funny stories. So why keep them secret?

Things that irritate them.

Some people just don’t want to talk about things that irritate them, and the same with men. But why? There is always someone who will understand our perspective. There are actually so many people who have the same irritability, so why not to talk about that?

How much they love their girl or wife.

Every woman need to hear these words often. So if it will make a man’s girl or wife happy, then why not to tell them how much they love her? Every man should definitely tell his woman how much he loves her, and even on a daily basis.

Answered prayers.

When men deeply believe in God, he should definitely be able to talk about answered prayers. Why not? He has the right to talk about it. If he believe that God is in control, then why not to talk about His glory and answered prayers?

How they spend their money.

All of us have the right to talk about how we spend our money. But men usually don’t want to talk about how they spend it. But everyone has the right to talk about it or not.

How they spend their time.

We can tell what people actually love in life by watching how they spend their time. But men usually don’t talk about it. To avoid ending up pursuing wrong priorities, we should talk about how we spend our time.

About their day.

Almost every woman likes to talk about how their day was, but that’s not the case with men. They usually don’t like to talk about how they spend their day, what happened, or where they were, etc. But definitely they should talk about their day.

About their disappointments.

Almost every man tends to hold things that have to do with disappointments, and they never talk about them. But there is nothing about disappointments to be ashamed about, so why not to talk about it?

Their emotional pain.

Almost every woman has no problem talking about their feelings and their emotional pain. But when it is about men, they actually never talk about their pain. They just ignore it, and hold it just to themselves.