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Date Someone Who Treats You Like a Crap


Why not?

You should try to date someone who treats you like a crap. It is not a joke.

Whenever you want to read something about relationships and love, you find those articles that talk about a man or woman who loves you unconditionally and who values your presence. Well, this one is not like those articles at all. This one is not about your loving partner and his good behavior, and definitely not about making you happy.

But it is still not a joke.

Did you ever try on purpose to date a man or woman who is not good for you? Those who behave as badly as possible to you. Partners who make your friends wonder why you let yourself be with them.

A person who is treating you nothing more than you are worthless crap.

Well, at least try to have a relationship with a person who is not good for you. Someone who doesn’t make an effort and never shows you anything like love. Try to stay with someone who is letting you make plans and even when you have plans for you two, that person is lazy enough to not make it happen. Be with a person who never makes you sparkle and never shows you any emotion. Find that one person who takes every chance to use you and who is letting you be on your own when you need him the most.

Have a relationship with someone who doesn’t value your presence, who doesn’t care about your feelings, your narrow circle of friends and family and your needs and demands. The better is if that person disappoints you each day you are together and yet never says sorry or something in his own defense. It is a person who doesn’t care about you, not even a second of your time spent together.

Try to find a being who doesn’t value you and treats you like you are worthless.

Seriously, give your best to date that person. Try to fall in love with them. Try to tell yourself how that behavior is not that bad. Convince other people how he or she is not that bad, make excuses for that person and think of how you are the only one who knows who that person truly is. Don’t stop believing that you can’t change them, but be aware that you might be the only person who can help them get back to normal. Make an excuse and believe that one day they will change for the better and they will be there for you when you truly need them. Try to be around them and one day they will change.

No matter how their behavior affects you in a bad way, try to fall in love with them and make sure to catch the fancy of them.

Even try to let them to break your heart. Let them to destroy you and figure out whether the breakup was your fault. Also, find out why you haven’t been enough for them to make them give you love back or at least to change them in the better way. Was it up to you, what could have happened if you were someone else, someone even better than you tried to be?

Find a reason to justify them and blame yourself for the reason because of how they treated you worthless.

And in the end…

Forgive and forget. Stand up for yourself. Learn how to face what you let yourself be in. Try to move forward. You chose the relationship you wanted to be in. You chose a person you wanted to date. It was up to you for letting him treat you like crap. So you shouldn’t have been hurt.

Because you were brave enough to let someone humiliate you and treat you like crap, you are aware now what it is that you really want and what you want to avoid as much as possible.

It would strengthen you, because you let people treat you the way you might not deserve at all. Yet they were not good, and now you have a reason to be stronger. You are better and you value yourself more. You know now what is that you really need and deserve.

Because you were dating someone who treated you like crap, now you know there is no one you would let have bad behavior against you. You don’t deserve anything less than incredible.

Date someone Who treats you like a crap