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A Letter To The Guy Who Is Sleeping With My Best Friend

best friend
Written by Naida

You don’t have any idea how lucky you are to have her in your life. Do you?

Dear partner of my very best friend,

First of all, I need to tell you how much fortune you have for having her. You managed to win the heart of the greatest girl of all. I have known her since like forever and I know how amazing she is as a single being. Now I am learning about a completely new person because she is part of love relationship and it makes a big difference.

The first time when she had an opportunity to meet you she told me many beautiful things about her feelings. As far as I can remember, you two were only friends, but I know what she felt for you. Every little contact that you two made left her speechless. She was thrilled by your spontaneous touch or your texts, and so was I because she made me literally feel what she felt.

If you think about this, you can realize how our lives changed in the best possible way. I will be honest, when I found out that you were seeing each other, I was afraid for her. In her eyes you were the “Perfect Man,” and that made you a little bit dangerous in my eyes because she fell in love deeply. I was afraid because you could hurt her. I want you to understand me, I acted protectively.

What I want to tell you is that even though I was jealous because I need to share her with you, I was also very happy because I saw how she is happy. I am happy to know you as a perfect man which includes that you are a good and honest man who wants only good for her.

The truth is that we have a very strong connection, our own jokes, and we take care of each other’s backs. Now, after she connected to you, I can be sure that she is safe and that she has someone else by her side.

There are some things I want you to read and try to follow as her partner.

– First and most important of all is to assure me that you will do anything you need to avoid the situation of hurting her. Since you showed yourself as a good guy and I trust you, I can be sure that you wouldn’t ever hurt her, but still I am the one who needs to warn you. I am her best friend, and if you hurt her feelings in any case, it is me who will personally make sure to hurt you back even more than you hurt her.

– This is as important as the first thing. It is you who chose to be with her and to protect her. I really need you to be there for her whenever she needs you. Don’t avoid her or ignore her feelings because she doesn’t deserve it. If it comes to a situation where I would not be able to take her back, I request that you be with her. It is either you or me, she has to have someone.

Never break her heart. Simple as that. You have found the most amazing woman ever who will never turn you down. Don’t disappoint her or worse, don’t make her cry. You should be the one who is making her happy and fulfilled. Her love has a huge value, and as her friend I know how hard she catches the fancy of someone. She is a real treasure and she doesn’t give second chance.

And in the end I need you to figure out how strong connection I have with her. Every time she needs me and I need her we will be together no matter of your presence. Try to see me as your friend too, because if I love her this much, how could I not love you?

I wish you two happiness together, and I wish you the best possible relationship. And a long lasting one.

With love and respect,

Best friend of your amazing girl


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