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7 Signs She Is Going To Leave You

This is a situation that a lot of guys had to go through. You’ve been dumped and you didn’t even see it coming. Everything was going just fine and suddenly she is breaking up with you. The question that has to be asked is: Could I have known?


    A woman never leaves you without giving you some warnings.

    Most of the time, we can’t spot those signs or we deliberately choose to ignore them.

    However, being able to spot those signs at the time gives you time to ether fix things or to break up with her before she does.

    Here are signs that will not misguide you. If you can notice those signs, maybe it is time to question yourself.

    7 signs she is going to leave you:

    She would rather go out with her friends

    I am not saying she shouldn’t go out with her friends, but if she constantly cancels your date nights to see them, if she is always on her phone or brings her friends everywhere with her, there is a problem. This might mean that she needs some time for herself, without you. Anyway, she is not totally comfortable in the relationship and she is trying to escape your routine.

    She ignores you in public

    At the beginning you were two people madly in love, trying to show to the world your love. But step by step she is beginning to avoid you in public, you don’t hold hands in public, she barely speaks to you, she doesn’t kiss you anymore. Sometimes she will try to shut you down, if she is acting like that, trust me, there is a problem. This sign is one of the most important, don’t ignore it.

    You are not her priority anymore

    You used to spend a lot of time together, and for the both of you, it was never enough. For a while now, she works more, prefers to visit her family a lot more than before. Basically you became drudgery for her. You are the only one that can change this situation.

    She is always arguing with you, even if there is no need

    Everything is bothering her, even the little things she used to think were cute. Your presence is annoying her, your conversation subjects, your hobbies. Everything is a good start for a quarrel. You might try to calm things down but she doesn’t want to let it go. She is questioning your ability to be together, and trust me, it isn’t a good sign.

    She doesn’t care about how your day went

    She used to want to know every little detail about you, what you ate for breakfast, how was the traffic on your way to work, all the banalities of your day. Now, she doesn’t even ask you how you are, or whether anything interesting happened in your day. She is clearly losing interest in you, and you are just standing there and letting it happen. You need to do something about that if you don’t want to lose her definitely.

    She doesn’t desire you anymore

    Sex is very important in every relationship. You used to have sex all the time at the beginning, but now she doesn’t even want to touch you. Of course, there are times when neither of you want to have sex because you are too stressed or too tired. But if there is no mutual sexual attraction at all, it is bad, trust me. Your sex life can say a lot about your relationship.

    She is not jealous anymore

    She used to be jealous of your coworkers, your friends, and even random girls on the street because she used to care. Now, you have the feeling that even if she sees you flirting with another girl, she is not going to say anything. Every girl in love is somehow jealous; if she stops, maybe it is time to question her feelings. This might mean that she is moving on, maybe she is looking for someone new and she considering the fact that you are maybe doing this as well.

    So, if you can spot those seven signs, you need to do something about it and save your relationship.

    7 Signs She Is Going To Leave You

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